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Dinoland Replacement Poll

What IP should replace Dinoland?

  • Zootopia

    Votes: 59 25.2%
  • Ice Age

    Votes: 11 4.7%
  • Indiana Jones

    Votes: 76 32.5%
  • Tarzan

    Votes: 7 3.0%
  • Black Panther

    Votes: 17 7.3%
  • Other/listed below for your idea

    Votes: 64 27.4%

  • Total voters

*Grand Admiral Thrawn*

Well-Known Member
Original Poster
Due to the rumors of Dinoland being replaced whats the best idea? Personally I really like the Zootopia idea. Ice Age isn't that bad honestly. It could make a great land with water rides.


Premium Member
Be a good addition to DAK. Near or where Dinoland resides. They could even continue the whole mythic creatures/land that time forgot vibe. Combined that with a reworked Dinosaur to fit the new land - tie it all together with a Steampunk aesthetic and overgrowth = win!

20k subs! Version 2.0.
The anchor attraction for the site formerly known as DinolandUSA. As for Dinorama that stuff could be transplanted elsewhere in the parks. A coaster for MK, a spinner and dig site for DHS.

Yes but what? What are the options?....

Personally, I'd like to see the land reinvented as a Land that Time Forgot/Journey to the Center of the Earth/20k Leagues land. If for no other reason than to revive the subs! At least then they could keep Dinosaur/Countdown but add more immersion and a new E-ticket to go along with it. But that's some serious wishful-thinking armchair stuff.

Re: Primeval Whirl
Why not just re-theme where it stands or relocate?

Maybe they can revisit 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

But see, I'd rather those additions go to DHS (with a TSL redressing) freeing up the land formerly known as Dinorama for something else; namely a "Land that Time forgot Jules Verne vibe" with Dino getting either an upgrade or a "Journey to the Center of the Earth" overlay and a new E-ticket in the form of a revisited "20k Leagues under the Sea..

I'm sensing a pattern. What do they call that? Insanity. lol
First place nightmare before christmas. My personal favorite, has such a big hype and no where to be found. Then ice age for second wouldn't be bad


Well-Known Member
If the rumors are true, which is questionable, the most likely to go there would be Indiana Jones as a clone or near clone to the one in Disneyland. I think it is exactly the same layout and the same ride vehicles. However, I'm a little pressed to figure out how Indiana Jones would actually fit in Animal Kingdom's theme. Probably just as good as Pandora. They could just change and enhance Dinosaur. As @DoubleJ21 said.


Well-Known Member
None of the above (no IP addition, please).

They should either re-do Dinoland to make it something quality that still focuses on dinosaurs rather than a cheap carnival, or they should turn it into the Amazon or some other South American area. I suppose if they did the latter, they could tie Indiana Jones in since he's there in Raiders of the Lost Ark, but it shouldn't need an IP tie-in.

Another IP option would be Finding Nemo (could build an actually good ride rather than the junk they have at EPCOT) and making the area all about aquatic creatures, but that seems redundant with the Living Seas even if they dumped Nemo from that pavilion.

Zootopia, Ice Age, Tarzan, and Black Panther should stay far away from Animal Kingdom.


Well-Known Member
I have really mixed feelings here. Indy fits best from an aesthetic standpoint. Most of the park shares the same ancient ruin aesthetic Indiana Jones is known for, albeit with different styles of regional architecture in correspondence to different geographical locales. On the other hand however, Indy doesn’t fit the message of the park. Like- at all. It’s completely unrelated apart from the overall style.


Well-Known Member
not happening but I want to see a pride rock replica!!!! lol, all jokes aside though, like some others said I wouldn’t mind seeing a complete overhaul of Dinoland to actually have something fresh. Correct their mistakes.


Blink, blink. Breathe, breathe. Day in, day out.
A dinosaur presence should NEVER leave Animal Kingdom. It's kind of a critical part of its theming.

Also, the ORIGINAL concept for Dinoland would have/would still be a fantastic and very popular idea. Dinosaur the ride, as it is, is moderately popular. Which is good. The Excavator would be a fantastic coaster, making a great E-Ticket attraction the same way Thunder Mountain does for Frontierland IP-Less.


Blink, blink. Breathe, breathe. Day in, day out.
First place nightmare before christmas. My personal favorite, has such a big hype and no where to be found. Then ice age for second wouldn't be bad


Well-Known Member
Just get rid of Dino-Rama's nonsensical carnival for something that works with the fossil dig site or roadside Americana themes. Excavator, a hokey dinosaur park ride that actually gets that "prehistory folkart forest" vibe, time travel stowaway species running amok in a Route 66 town like a Ray Troll painting...

Alternatively, if you want to bail from Dinosaur Americana, do a "Adventurer Base Camp in The Lost World" theme and tie it into SEA. And while I've argued the point that Indiana Jones could make sense in that context based on his historical origins and precedent in supplementary material for dinosaur shenanigans, we don't really need him and I feel like a general audience might see a connection as forced anyways.

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