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Dinner before MNSSHP:TS or QS?


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Liberty Tree is usually where we go. If you're into it, Trader Sam's at Polynesian might be a cool place to start a Halloween adventure this year!


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Finally, I booked Crystal Palace at 4h55pm. At first, I had booked Crystal Palace at 11h30am for lunch, hoping I would get a dinner ADR at BoG, but even being in front of my computer at 6am 180 days prior couldn't get me anything... I'll keep on trying, but since I noticed that MK dinner ADRs were going away quickly for that day (I think it's because the TS restaurants close early on MNSSHP nights ), I switched my lunch ADR at Crystal Palace for a dinner one, just to be sure not to end up empty handed!


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We usually do a TS buffet before the event starts then we are not wasting a second! plus you can snack on your trick or treat Candy as you are going round.


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We do table service and we try to get a booking right at 4pm. It's either BoG or Tony's for us. After chowing down, we head to the restrooms by City Hall and get changed into our costumes and then I stuff our belongings back into the locker.


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We went last year and showed up for the party around 4 at MK, did a few things, and then ate at Cosmic Rays for dinner. We didn't rush or anything but still had time to do a lot when we were done eating. I would never do TS on a hard ticket night. You lose so much time that you could be doing rare things.

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