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Dining Window - help!


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We have 8 nights at Animal Kingdom Lodge booked starting on the 7th April 2019.

The 180 day window just opened and jumped in to book up my meticulously planned schedule but I can only book as far as the 8th.

I thought I could book up to ten days worth ahead of that opening window if I had a hotel booking? Is it because I have still only paid the deposit and not the full amount (not due until Feb next year I think?).

Checking venues I was after later in that week but looking at the 8th worries me as a lot has disappeared already!

Any help grateful received!



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Call WDW dine, sometimes the site doesn't work right

Disneyfreak Jen

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All makes sense, can't even check availability at the moment online!
I hope everything works out for you. I had to make my FP’s this past Sunday and I was nervous with all the computer problems they’ve been having. Fortunately it went fine for me. Let us know how you make out with everything.
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