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Different Park Tickets, Same Reservation.


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We are renting DVC points and have a party of 4. We are purchasing tickets through undercover tourist. Likely 2 of us will have 7 day park hopper. It wouldn't surprise me if the 3rd person in our party will want a 7 day without park hopper, and the 4th with maybe 3 day without park hopper.

So...will we be able to link all tickets to our reservation so we can make FP's? If possible, will we be able to choose days for FP that are not consecutive for the 3 day?

Hope this makes sense!


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Yes to both of your questions. You can pick any 3 days for the 3 day ticket, since every ticket is valid for a 14 day period. You can't pick more days than 3 though (for example attempting to make FP for all 7 days "since we don't know exactly if Johnny will be joining us that day.")
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