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Hi everyone. I'm looking for different ideas for lunch or snacks (counter service)...ideally some "out of the way" gems that sometimes get overlooked. I'm thinking of Starring Rolls Café at HS, things like that. Somewhere to get a nice bakery treat, or a yummy sandwich...that kind of thing. What are your best out-of-the-way spots?


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Loads of yummy treats round world showcase. Kringla bakery in norway, karamel kuche in germany and the bakery and ice creamery in france. The other pavilions have unique food items too. Flame Tree BBQ in AK is not out of the way but is so good. Out of the parks, Wolfgang Puck's counter service in Disney Springs was fab and we really enjoyed Contempo Cafe.


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DHS, Catalina Eddies has a great Hot Italian Sandwich,
EPCOT, Katsura Grill has he most awesome teriyaki salmon,
AK, Love the giant rib at Harambe Market with the Watermelon lemonade
DS, Wolfgang puck Express, Breakfast Pizza and Cornflake French toast


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Waffle Sandwiches at Sleepy Hollow...sweet and savory options!
Min and Bill's Dockside Diner has an interesting Sausage in a Pretzel Roll option.
Jalapeno Cheese Stuffed Pretzels (Fife & Drum in EPCOT or Africa in AK) is good for breakfast. :D


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totally forgot about Earl of sandwich at DS. always wanted to try it, but always stuffed from somewhere else.


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MK - Adventureland Eggrolls, Golden Oak Outpost, Liberty Square Market, Sleepy Hollow, Friars Nook

Epcot - Block & Hans, Joy of Tea, Kabuki Café, Taste Track

DHS - Anaheim Produce, Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge, Min & Bill's, Trolley Car Café

DAK - Eight Spoon Café (Beastly Kiosk), Harambe Fruit Market, Mr. Kamal's, Trilo Bites

DTD - Bongo's Express, Food Trucks at Exposition Park, Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar, Lava Lounge, Morimoto's Street Food

Resorts - Boardwalk To Go (BWR), Cabana Bar & Beach Club (Dolphin), Café Rix (CSR), Crew's Cup (YCR), Martha's Vineyard (BCR), P&J's Southern Take Out (FW), Siesta's Cantina (CSR), Tiki Terrace (Poly), Wave Lounge (CR)

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