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Did You Hear the One About EPCOT's Ukranian Pavilion?


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A little known fact: as of 1996, three different nations were vying for the World Showcase land parcel between China and Germany.

The Ukraine pavilion, offering a restaurant called Club Rusalka, a roller-coaster attraction, and exhibitions of Ukranian dancing, has not quite seemed to make it off the ground, although it was a top contender during the mid-90's.

See for yourself at http://www.ukrweekly.com/Archive/1996/199624.shtml.


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Little known fact indeed...

Roller coaster eh?!

What would THAT be themed to?


oh my...

well... the article mentioned that Epcot would be getting a new pavilion soon (presumably in World Showcase), although the article itself was written in 1996.... So, times can (and usually do) change...

well, no matter WHAT the current plans are/were
this was a very interesting read and quite fascinating as well...

Thanks Buzzy! I never quite knew that Ukraine was ever considered for World Showcase! :D :wave:

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