Did the Madame Leota knockoff in Superstar Limo have an official name?


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I called her Madame Sabrina.

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Well now....

This went from a all-ages thread to a 'PG-13' thread in a hurry....

OH wait..

It's art.
Sculpture, right...?
Ah, well then...no problem with bare chicks and naked dudes.
Totally fine.

Alrighty then....

That's one of the imagineers working on the figures for the ride.


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It's obvious some of the same creative team worked on Sindbad's Storybook Voyage at Tokyo DisneySea as Superstar Limo, as many of the AAs are in a similar big-head style. What's incredible is that Sindbad is the best ride Disney has ever built anywhere do not @ me, and Superstar Limo was the hottest garbage pile ever created.
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