Did the Candlelight Processional Crash the Reservation System?


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I can’t seem to find a single dining reservations on any day for December. Is demand truly this high or is the system down?


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My trip is in December and I have no problems making dining reservations except for the CP on the day it was released. I even saw a few openings for the Candlelight Processional earlier today.


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Another issue I've come across with the Disney website is problems with Google Chrome. For example, all of my old resort data is showing in Chrome, however, the correct info is shown in the Brave browser.


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That’s likely because the Disney website uses either cookies or local storage to temporarily store some data.

You can fix this by removing all the cookies / app data for the Disney website from chrome. See here: https://www.howtogeek.com/664912/ho...site-data-for-a-single-site-on-google-chrome/
If you're responding back to my message, thanks. I've tried that multiple times. It shows incorrectly on the recently installed and newly used MS Edge browser. It's just a weird issue. It's not even consistent. Some days it will show correctly and other days it will revert back to the old reservation. The cast member assured me that it is showing correctly in their system and to go with what's on Brave.

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