DHS 35th

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Happy 35th anniversary to The Disney-MGM Studios.

To The Great Movie Ride, Catastrophe Canyon, the OG Muppet Crew, the animation staff who made so many animated movies possible, the MMC kids, Adventures in Wonderland, the kitschy restaurants and shows and everything else that made "the Hollywood that never was and always will be"

You were a strange, underbuilt park, that never really got the whole studio things to work, but you gave us Tower of Terror and helped launch some actual entertainment careers. If nothing else, you had a lot of shows and were not like the rest of WDW.

That's more that can be said about the Star Wars/Toy Story park that exists now with less to do between rides.
Happy 35th Disney-MGM!

More than any other this park has seen multiple versions of itself. We all have our favourite, and mine isn't the current park but I hope it is for those visiting it now.

My DHS at its best I loved it as much as the MK and EPCOT, which are the parks of my formative years, ate my youth and adult escapes and secret gardens, and so this was something impossible to pull off, and yet it managed. Indeed, there have been trips where I enjoyed this park the most. I simply like it there, it doesn't have to be perfect to be magnificent. 💛

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