DHS: 2014 vs 2021

Which park would you rather visit?

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The only thing I miss is the Osborne family Christmas lights. Otherwise it's far better now.

This is my take as well.

The entertainment not all running isn't ideal, but I think in general DHS is better than it has ever been with the current offerings. So, right now I'd say February 2020 was probably peak DHS before they shut down, but once they bring back Fantasmic! and the other entertainment, it will be solid.


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I preferred the golden age theme and entertainment, Star Wars should have had its own gate with elements of both classic and Iger Star wars and there should have been ONE of them not two half baked ‘lands’ in DL and WDW
While I do love Galaxies Edge I will agree that a whole new gate would have been incredible.


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Following up here, I’ve walked around DHS a few times over the last two weeks - am really missing the Great Movie Ride.

Besides the unique format and length of the attraction, its final montage always felt like a thesis statement for the park. It’s similar in importance to some of Epcot’s major losses, but at least SSE fills a similar role, and Harmonious still might.

Seriously, this moment perfectly captured the ‘why’ behind DHS, working studio or not:

(Updated the link to show the pre-TCM montage)

Now, I feel like the park has nothing to say besides, “it’s Toy Story, you like this,” “it’s Mickey, you like him,” and finally, “it’s Star Wars, please like this!”

The headliners might be fun, but the park feels so empty and vacuous, and it would even if all the shows returned.
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