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I thought this was a pretty good announcement imo if things go through. Indy and Encanto going to a rethemed South American land taking over Dinos is cool imo (though i love dinosaurs and would love them to stay) but adding a new continent and it seems their will also be animals as part of this is a win to me.

Saying they were taking MK to overdrive for beyond big thunder make it sound like they are gonna be doing something really big in MK soon and Im all for that.

Pirates tavern is cool even though I dont drink I like it. Hatbox ghost is cool, opening dates for things are nice to know....

Avengers E-ticket getting mentioned makes me happy, could be really cool imo if they go all out with it like Rise or something.

TestTrack came outta nowhere imo, but I like it. TT is a cool but very dated ride so a massive refresh is great

All in all Im pretty happy with the announcement I didnt expect much cause this isnt the big d23 but what we got Im happy with

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Animatronic oanel happening now….

Right up my alley!


Apologies if anyone has been asking me questions or comments about todays happenings.

I have not been able to read much due to running around here, but I hope everyone is enjoying my quick in the moment snapshots.

I have a lot from the Animattonics display….will share at some point in the future.


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Marty Sklar archive coming in hot in stage right now…..

These storyboards below were for the famous ‘Epcot film’ Uncle Walt was in.
They are showing us the entire thing…
Marty kept everything, they tell us.
Time for another book!!


P.s., when have Epcot fans been referred to as ‘Epcotians’….?

Marty notes, stressing some goals in mind for EPCOT Center.




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Josh better tighten up his pants!

But of course it’s laughable to think Josh will be affiliated with Disney in a year or two.
He’s the next to go. Better lock himself in bobs shower the next day the stock drops 5%
Astounding that Disney will retheme or alter any show or ride on property except the ones people have been begging for years to get updated (Carousel of Progress, Imagination, the stale BatB show at DHS etc).
You noticed that?
Looks like after October 16 it's going to be a long time before a new build attraction opens at WDW.
I’d say from the looks of it the clock has already been ticking since the spring 😎

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