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News Destination D23 2023

Brer Panther

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If they added Encanto with Moana rather than Zootopia? Could that work? I feel like it could work.
Encanto doesn't belong in Animal Kingdom for the same reason that Moana doesn't - it's a movie about humans, with the animals being minor characters (most of them pets). It'd be like putting Tangled in Animal Kingdom just because there's a horse and a chameleon in it. Encanto doesn't even have an environmental message.


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MainStreet Electrical Parade returning is a random guess I still like to toss in because it is easy in terms of ROI.

Something like Play Pavilion back on table as a surprise? ha

The sponsor being Lug is hilarious. As that term could be applied to a few article headlines or critiques too easily for jokes.


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An Antonio's door attraction introducing us to the fauna of South America would be welcome. Pair it with Isabella's door that includes South American flora. The rest of the familia can just be hanging around.

Bonus if we get live South American animals.

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