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Destination D23 2021


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Here are mine:
  • New transportation
    • Either new skyline route or new monorails
  • Epcot
    • Redesigned / relocated festival center
  • Animal Kingdom
    • New evening lagoon show
    • Carnival style ride to replace Primeval Whirl
  • Magic Kingdom
    • Theater project in a new location
    • Speedway electrification
    • New hotel connected to MK between GF and docks
  • Hollywood Studios
    • New omnimover in animation courtyard along with reconfiguration/remodeling to open up area and redesignation to new mini land (maybe pixar land?)
    • new show based on Disney modern movie characters. multiple characters and stories in animation courtyard

In addition to general updates on current projects.


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Prediction: nothing besides what has already been announced.

Quite frankly, I wouldn't expect anything major newly announced within the next 5 years.
So you don't think Disney will announce anything major until 2026? Which means nothing major will open until 2030?

By then, Universal will open Epic Universe, and it'll already have a major addition of its own.

Casper Gutman

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Your prediction will be wrong
I mean, I think 5 years is too long. But usually we have some rumblings from insiders - often quite heavy rumblings - when an announcement is imminent. I'm not sure I hear any rumbles.

I still think there is an outside chance Disney doesn't make another big announcement until its time to try and step on EU's opening. I mean, this is a company cutting portion sizes, holiday decorations, and parking lot tram service while bragging to investors about how little they're investing in the parks. They aren't rushing to open any new rides.

Casper Gutman

Well-Known Member
Insiders have said that Disney has been tightening the rope in terms of leaks.
Which is why I wouldn't expect the kind of very specific info we've got on these boards in the past. But given the number and thoroughness of our insiders, I'd absolutely expect a vague SOMETHING. We've never really had a major announcement without significant build-up here.

But that's all a bit besides the point. Absolutely none of Disney's current behavior indicates a willingness to invest - it would be a complete reversal of what they have been doing for months. Maybe, MAYBE we get an announcement some time after Tron opens.


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Prediction: nothing besides what has already been announced.

Quite frankly, I wouldn't expect anything major newly announced within the next 5 years.

I’m skeptical that anything new will be announced at Destination D23 but am confident they’ll plan and announce something new in the near future (Probably at the D23 convention next summer).


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At best:
One locked opening date - either Tron or GotG, and another broad opening date for other
I do think we hear some update on plans for Epcot - looking toward the 40th anniversary
Other than that, think it will be more focused on what is coming back - live entertainment, more meet and greets and trams for parking lots.

Biggest new item if any news will be what is happening near park north of Grand Floridian - is it some resort coming.


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Announcements have been saved for this event.

Now, will you all be happy with them? Better question. For me, it’s a mixed bag. Can’t divulge further out of fear something will be cut from the lineup, as often occurs. Even at the very last minute.

Anything that will help save the 50th? Lol. Besides things we already know that’s coming like Tron and Guardians. While Tron and the return of the RR will be nice, still doesn’t help the disaster that is in entertainment.


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Can I dream? Railroad returns spring. FoF returns Jan. Annual plan to genie+ for APs for $99. Epcot opens some of the central hub as temp grassy hub next year sometime. Oh and electric umbrella replacement opens soon. Unpopular opinion, but epcot needs its QS spot back.

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