Despite many trips, what have you missed?


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When I dig through these boards, I am reminded of things I've manage to miss every time. My family goes pretty frequently, but, due to weather, crowds, closings, whiny relatives, etc, we've manage to miss a few things.

Things we've missed:

1. SW weekends- Not sure how this happened last time. were went to WDW in June but managed to miss it

2. Kali- never been in the mood for a soaking lol

3. many fine dinings- first it was the kids and cost. Now, with the DDPs, we can't get in.

4. embarassingly, some of the attractions in the countries in Epcot. We've seen a few but it never fails that the kids are asleep by the time we get into WS and we don't want to disturb them. We go see the sights and street performers while they sleep.

I'm sure there's more, but that's all I can think of right now.


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We've never done some areas of DAK (Planet Watch, the trails, etc.), but I'm going to do them alone this time I go...we usually head for Asia/Dinoland and then catch Bugs on our way out and call it a half day.
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Kali River Rapids - dont feel like getting soaked in middle of day. We only do Splash Mountain one night right before we leave MK.

The American Experience - not sure HOW we have missed this one!!

DisneyQuest - is it worth it with two small kids 5 & 9?

This year we are doing a few new dining experiences for us -

Beaches N Cream (never noticed it before), The Garden Grille (have never been able to get in), Via Napoli (new), Hacidenda de San Angel (new).

Last year we did a lot of new dining experiences and REALLY enjoyed seeing the other resorts - Wilderness Lodge, Polynesian, Boardwalk & Fort Wilderness. Also, Winter Summerland mini golf and BOTH waterparks - weve scheduled a TON of time for the waterparks next May! Typhoon Lagoon was a BLAST.
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Every year we make a list of the top 10 things we have to do on that particular trip. And, yes, despite many trips there are always lots of things to add to the list. On the list for this coming trip.....Kitchen Sink, Hoop-dee-doo, and Kali-River Rapids (if it's not too cold :eek:)
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Space Mountain - first few trips DS was scared, last trip it was closed for refurb.
Cinderella’s Royal table – DS wanted nothing to do with princesses.
Finding Nemo –We just never got there at the right time.
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The list could go on and on

- Richard Petty Driving
- Bass fishing tours
- Certain Resorts I have not stayed at
- Certain places I have not eaten at

There they are picky type things

- I have rented boats, but never at Port Orleans
- Never rented a bike
- Never been flag family

But, I will have to say, the biggest thing I have not done is been there in the December time frame.

That means no Osborne Lights (I have seen them when running the F&W 1/2 marathon though), no Candlelight Procession , etc.

As far as "rides & attractions" are concerned, I think I have been on them all. I think the one that took the longest was the Astro Orbiter. Just something I never seem to notice, nor have a desire to wait in line for. I think I have been on it twice in my life.

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Never been to Tom Sawyer Island.

Never rode on the Tower of Terror or the Rock 'n Roll coaster. :eek:

And I've yet to try funnell cake - my priority next year!
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Epcot- Mission Space (a little scared):eek:
DHS- Sounds Dangerous (no explantion needed):animwink:
AK- Flights of Wonder (just never got around to it):shrug:
MK- Done everything at least once:)
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Never been to Tom Sawyers Island.
Never watched the Norway movie.
Never eaten at many sit down restaurants

The only part that will probably change is we will be eating at more sit downs since DDP. Might visit TSI one day...But never the Norway movie.
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I've only been three times, but here's my list:

mission space didnt exist on my first trips and I was with someone who gets heavy motion sickness on my last

space mountain: too scared as a kid and down for refurb in 09 :-(

tower of terror: too scared as a kid, and motion sick friend in 09

Backlot tour: I think we did part of it during one of our trips when I was a kid, but definitely not the trams part.... in 09 we missed it due to lack of time in the park!!

Toy Story Mania: we simply ran out of time and decided it was similar enough to Buzz Lightyear it was worth skipping in order to see lights motors action!

I think that's it....
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Well I could list the resorts I have yet to stay at...

Mission Space-It has no appeal to me what so ever.
Hubby has never done Splash Mountain, yet every time we are there we always say this year. Well maybe this year. Or next that is.
Those space orbitors in Tomorrowland.
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Mission Space - I have a bad case of chlaustrophobia.
Primeval Whirl
Magic Carpets of Aladdin
Finding Nemo - The Musical
A couple of the movies in WS

Last trip we took a visit to Tom Sawyer Island and we were pleasantly surprised! There was so much more to see than I thought there would be!
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This trip I actually covered a couple never-done things, like Kali River Rapids, Barnstormer, the Fairy M&G in the Judge's Tent, and the Osborne Lights.

I think I still have a few though, probably mostly shows:
Never been into Camp Minnie Mickey / Seen The Lion King show / Primeval Whirl
Never seen Lights, Motors, Action or Narnia at DHS
The Circle of Life movie in The Land (or it's precursor Symbiosis)
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