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Desperately looking for a Larry Dotson print "Disney's Castaway Cay"

Rayden Lightning

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Original Poster
Desperately looking for a Larry Dotson print titled "Disney's Castaway Cay".
Can you help me find it?

I am looking to purchase an art print which Disney only sells exclusively on their cruise ships. Even the artist does not have access to it.
The artist is Larry Dotson and the print is titled “Disney’s Castaway Cay” and retails on the ships for $50.

Per the artist the only size currently available is a matted print 16x20 with the image being 9x13.
Although, I know there was a 7x10 print available in 2010. In fact, on his Facebook page you can see a couple of different sizes that were available in 2010 if you zoom in on his cruise pics from that time.



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Good luck in your search. I know how frustrating it is to be on the hunt for something that feels like it just won't turn up. Keep searching eBay daily and hopefully someone here has more insight.