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Delta Dreamflight/Space Ranger Spin Fog Vortex


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I’ve always wondered how that interesting effect worked...

You can do something similar with a DJ moonbeam light and haze fog, essentially it's just light pointed in the direction of one's line of sight accented by fog to increase the radial throw. Alternatively you could make a homebrew version using a laser pointer, a portable mini fan (or computer fan) a small mirror (like you'd find on a mirror ball) and haze fog machine. With the laser pointer version you need to make sure the laser pointer hits the mirror at an angle so that it bounces away from your spectator's eyes. If done right it should essentially "draw" a giant circle in the fog. (or a cone shape with radials expanding outward)

I plan on doing something similar this HW for Trick or Treat! I've been researching it. Tons of tutorials online.

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