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@BackDoorDisney posted a new video showing the current state of the Upstairs Imageworks. Very sad to see that the Rainbow Tunnel has been removed. I hope that someday this space can be utilized for the public again, even if it's something like a restaurant.

This thread will serve as a DISCUSSION about the video, because I believe that posting the video is against forum rules and this thread would be deleted. Please don't post the video unless a moderator tells you it's ok. You can find the video by going to @BackDoorDisney 's YouTube channel with the same name.
I find it funny that the @BackDoorDisney account removed all of it's Youtube videos. #Busted.


It’s up and I’m watching it now... I did the undiscovered Future world tour in 2014 and went up there, it was all still in tact back then. Can see here it’s cup storage and otherwise being deconstructed. I wonder if the recent survey asking about Figment means they’re considering an overhaul of that pavilion


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I sure hope so, as long as it includes Figment and Dreamfinder. It's sad to see what's happened to that area. I feel like they should just gut it and turn it into a restaurant. I'm sure it would be very popular.

I did the tour in 2016 and sadly we didn't go upstairs. We went in the Seas lounge instead, which was really cool.
Didn't it get turned into the dvc lounge during 2016? That's probably why.


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Update: Backdoor Disney has apparently been arrested, and his Twitter account, as well as his backstage videos on YouTube are now gone. Possibly related to this: https://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/buzzy’s-been-stolen.952108/
From reading the thread and other places, backdoordisney just so happened to be in the wrong place during the wrong time. Buzzy could have been stolen during november's food and wine festival!
Quite the deep news story.
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