Death at Icon Park accident


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I wonder if we'll ever find out who made the adjustment. I think it can be ruled out that the ride attendants at the scene did anything wrong.

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My guess is that there are at least two people involved. I don’t think any blue collar, maintenance worker would care enough about who can or cannot fit on the ride to make the adjustment of their own volition. And I don’t see any middle management type having the knowledge of how to make the adjustment on their own.

So I theorize that the upper/middle management type wanted the two seats adjusted in order to accommodate larger people - the motivation either being 1. to make more money by allowing more people to ride, 2. to get yelled at less for not having accommodating seats and for being turned away at every ride at ICON, or 3. a genuine, albeit horribly misguided, attempt at checking off that current popular buzzword of “inclusivity.” And since the management guy/gal didn’t know how to makes the adjustment on his/her own, he/she recruited a maintenance worker to do the work - though how they were able to convince a maintenance worker to make such adjustment is beyond me. Either they were really that dumb and bad at their job to go along with it, or they were threatened with losing their job if they didn’t do it.

No idea if I’m anywhere close to being correct. But I agree with you that it was very unlikely a front-line operator. I’d bet $1000 it wasn’t, and I certainly don’t have that kind of money to gamble with.
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