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Death at Icon Park accident

Rich Brownn

Well-Known Member
Is it being demolished, though? More likely just relocated? Can you confirm?

Dr. Doom is more of a launch tower than a drop, in my opinion. The biggest force is upward, pressing you into the seat.
There are multiple variations of S&S spaceships including drops, shots and both. And of course, even on Doom you have airtime plus, which would still push you out of the seat if not latched properly.

Judging from how it's coming down, looks like it will be sold and reassembled in some far off country.


Well-Known Member
Forgive me for not knowing the US legal system better.

But if the family settled…is it all done now? Surely there must be more legal action to figure out who is responsible? We know two people were directly involved in adjusting the sensor against manufacturer regulations and recommendations. Are they still to be tried?

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