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Death at Icon Park accident


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- Referral of case details to Orange Co. Sheriff’s Office for potential criminal investigation.
- Permanent Revocation of the operating license
- Department of Agriculture filed an administrative complaint seeking at least $250,000 in fines from the operator of the Orlando FreeFall
- Minimal training conducted as a training manual did not exist.
- Attendants or Operator had not seen or read the manual from the manufacture.
- No operating documents were provided to Attendants or Operator.
- Attendants or Operators were told that Seats 1 and 2 were explicitly for larger guests



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Man, this is a lot to go through. I’m trying to skim, but it’s still sooo many pages. So far in my readings, a George and an Austin look to be responsible, but they both invoked the 5th amendment.

It’s sad really. You spend all this time imagining typical evil villains behind horrible decisions like this. But then you read their words, and it hits you that they’re still human beings. No matter what happens in court, there won’t be any winners here.
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