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RCCL has started collecting list of people willing to volunteer for test cruises required by all cruise lines for certification to sail.
That list zoomed to over 100,000 in just a few days. Definitely shows people willing to cruise. Disney has not publicly announce when or what it will do to get back to cruising, but I am sure they are working on that now.

But once they do decide to look for volunteers, what will they use or weight to determine volunteers? In no order here are some possibilities.
Age? (Government already restricts the age to adults)
Employees of sister companies?
Past cruise experience with cruiseline?
Ability to cruise on short notice?
Vaccinated?(If sailing is sooner than later then this would be First responders and vaccine study participants, if later there would be more people)
Already had Covid?
and ...?

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My guess -- and it really is just a guess -- is that they will use Disney company employees, family of crew members, and the top Castaway Club members.
My slightly informed guest is (in order of resorting to them based on necessity): DCL Cast, DCL Cast Friends + Families, FL-based TWDC Cast in DPEP, FL-Based TWDC Cast in DPEP Friends + Families.

Those groups will provide more than enough volunteers.

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