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DCL Picture Of The Day


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Today marks 10 years since my dad died. He loved DCL and we cruised with him every year from '01 - '08. He died right before our cruise to Tortola on the Magic in '09. Of course, he also cruised with other friends many times -- without me! In fact, when I cruised last April, I finally reached the same number of cruises as he'd sailed. It took me 9 years to catch up to him. So he was obviously a huge fan of DCL. I'd really love to him on one more cruise.

Anyway, this my dad with me and my daughter (his only granddaughter) on Castaway Cay is 2006.


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What a great tribute to an obviously great man. It’s really cool you and your dad had DCL in common. I’ve tried numerous times to have my parents join us and have had a resounding no way every time.

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