Dark PerGron’s Manor of Mysteries [Game Thread]


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A little tease at my project contribution.
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When the projects are done, can we see what the other group did. I am very curious
Yep, both teams post the projects publicly :) Speaking of which...

Team Lore Proudly Presents: Nifty-Five Boulevard

Dark PerGron

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Congratulations to both teams on completing challenge one!

Reviews from all three hosts as well as guest reviewers will be dropping over the next 24 hours as will the next piece of our story. In the meantime take this moment to celebrate, relax, and anticipate our second round.

But before we do that, something strange has happened in the manor..

The teams sit, murmuring in excitement over both of the projects, celebrating and congratulating one another for a job well done. The house alongside you seems to be celebrating, music playing loudly and the vibes immaculate. Yet, suddenly, a video screen rolls down and plays a short piece.

A hooded figure, shrouded in mystery, holds the monkey’s paw. Their voice, affected by a modulator so as to not give away their identity, seems inhuman and dark.

As much as I enjoyed working thus far, I feel I need change,” the figure mutters. “Upon this monkey’s paw, I wish, for my first wish, to change up the teams.”

Suddenly, one of the figures of the paw curls, slowly, clenching like a fist. Two fingers remain standing.

Suddenly, from the shadows, @Dark PerGron emerges. “It seems it’s already time for wishes to be granted. Yet, always remember, the monkey’s paw is not to be trusted. Not every wish goes the way you’d like. Do be careful, but as has been wished, we have new teams. Going forward, they are such…”

Team Lore
@Tegan pilots a chicken

Team Legend
@Architectural Guinea Pig
@Chaos Cat
@Mr. Tux

“best of luck to all the teams. Enjoy your new teammates and your day off. See the amenities like the beautiful gardens and pools. We’ll be reviewing as we go.”


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Team Lore, I will judge you at some point today. My school is closed due to flooding because of a huge Damaged Pipe that spans from the bathrooms to my government classroom at the very end of the school.
Sounds like a curse, I'm just saying the day after you get the item a damaged pipe floods the school


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Team Lore - Nifty Fifties Boulevard
This is a super interesting project with some pretty great attractions and some that were really ill-advised. As a whole I think the concept was a little flawed. While I think that the 1950s is a cool setting to explore, and one that’s already touched upon in the park, I’m not sure how I feel about the park essentially having three main streets between this, and Hollywood and Sunset Boulevards. It just makes your land stand out less.

While I appreciate what you were going for, I think your land has something of an identity crisis. This land has A LOT - a 1950s realia, military/ WWII, aliens, monsters. This could have been a much stronger project if you took one or two of these themes and focused on them rather than throwing everything at the wall. Instead your land feels a little disjointed when it could have had the concrete sense of place that the park’s surrounding lands have. Anyway, on to the attractions!

Jukebox Jam is a fun little romp through 17ish years of music history. I wasn’t quite sure what you were going for at first, but it sounds like a lot of fun and a super unique way to do a sort of Great Music Ride. Your ride system made a lot of sense, as did the artists chosen (except maybe Grateful Dead? They stuck out a bit compared to the others.) This was a really cool attraction!

I’m going to preface this next part briefly: I’m not sure if it’s just a confirmation bias of me remembering every time someone does a project like this, but I am SO tired of the Muppets being shoehorned into IPs for an attraction. It’s tired. It’s overdone. I said it when you guys did Muppets Hamilton and I’ll say it again - The Muppets don’t need to be in everything. I love the Muppets, and I love seeing them. But I don’t need to see “The Muppets’ _______” for every IP under the sun. That being said, Muppets American Graffiti is a lot of fun. While I’m not sure the ride really needed the Muppets, the character work and gags were great. The writing was great and I really appreciate the care put into explaining the film while spoofing it. Really great job!

Fly Inside is around the point that you lose me. A land with Muppets American Graffiti and Jukebox Jam would have been great if expanded and fleshed out a bit, but this foray into the history of the fighter jet really confused me as I’m not sure what it has to do with the 1950s. I also think it’s really important to look at this concept from a real world perspective. This is an attraction which not only glorifies and propagandizes war, but also puts guests in a position where they directly kill people. These wars were very real and we can’t ignore or trivialize that. I know you took some effort to soften the blow of the violence, but it just makes the ride disjointed. Is this Soarin’ or is this Air Force simulator? I think a concept like this could have worked if you shifted focus away from the military. Chuck Yaeger broke the sound barrier in 1948, right around the time of this land’s setting. That fact right there could make for a thrilling flying attraction that could feature some military elements without sending guests to Pearl Harbor. I don’t mean to be so negative, but when writing an attraction for a land, especially with a team, it’s incredibly important to find concepts that gel with the rest of the project. There are some interesting ideas here, but I’m not sure this was the place for them.

Monster Mania is a really interesting love letter to the 1950s B-Movie. Very in-line with your first two attractions, this had just the right amount of camp. I think I would have preferred to see an original monster rather than Godzilla, however. There are so many weird monsters from 1950s sci-fi and it’s a shame that we only get to spend time with Godzilla. I’ll get into it next, but I think I would have kept this ride and gotten rid of Amazing Aliens rather than keep both. They serve a similar purpose as smaller attractions and you guys really didn’t need both. Amazing Aliens is also a lot of fun, but it feels like it treads very similar ground to Monster Mania. Nonetheless, these are two fun, complimentary dark rides that I appreciate for different reasons. Great job!

Alien Invasion: Under New Management is the other point where you lost me. Aliens in a 1950s setting is like bread and butter; two peas in a pod. Why then did we have to throw anime into this? Anime is great, it’s a very valid art form with a lot of fans, but I don’t see how Urusei Yatsura fits into this land. Similarly to Fly Inside, I’m not sure the source material is really appropriate for a Disney park. I know you went to some lengths to censor Lum, but it just feels like a bandaid, especially when there are so many other IPs you could have chosen. While again not fitting with the 1950s, something like Gundam or even Galaxy Express 999 are interesting sci-fi concepts that deal with aliens to an extent and are a bit more family friendly. I appreciate the effort put into the write-up, but this attraction is just a sequence of very strange choices.

Your shops and restaurants seem like fun. I do think that there was a restaurant that ended up missing from your presentation - I think I remember seeing a write-up for Legen-diner, but I may be misremembering.

This is a really interesting project with some really fun concepts and some really baffling decisions. While I appreciate the effort that you guys went to to make sure everyone had these fingerprints on this project, I really would have appreciated some more cohesion. Try to communicate with your teammates more. Make sure everyone is on the same page and know when to trim the fat. This was a really great first effort, especially from the newer players, and I’m very excited to see how you all grow as the season progresses.

Team Legend - The World of Avatar…The Last Airbender
Love the joke in your land’s name. It seems like you guys also had some communication issues, but you were still turned in a great project. I know there was some sort of breakdown in the discussion of your land’s placement, but I really wish you guys went with Lost Continent. I’d mourn the loss of the architecture and Mythos, but it really needs a refresh and I’d cry if they closed Dudley Do-Right. The art, as expected, is great. I love how well you were able to fit all four nations into such a small space. This is a really great use of limited space.

Dueling Fires is a great way to visualize bending and pay tribute to a past attraction. This takes a lot of cues from other Universal attractions helping it to fit right in with the rest of the park’s roster. Great job!

With Sky Bison Soar, I love the idea of putting guests in the saddle of a sky bison, but I’m not sure I fully understand what your attraction is. Is it a larger scale attraction, or is it a smaller flatride? I totally understand that some rides fall to the wayside sometimes, but I would have appreciated a bit more detail with this attraction.

Ember Island River Run is a great update to Popeye. While I again would have appreciated a little more detail, this seems like a fun attraction that showcases many of the creatures and characters of the show very well.

Avatar: The Path of Water, while fun, I think would have been better served with a bigger story. This seems like the premiere attraction of your land, aside from your coaster, but it seems really lowkey for a log flume. It looks like a lot of fun, just weirdly boring at the same time.

Everything else looks great. The bending academy makes a ton of sense. I love the restaurant as well. I’m not sure there are any vegetarian theme park restaurants so this is a welcome addition. I love the menu as well.

While a little light on detail, your land has great cohesion and some really great concepts. Great job!


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I feel like fly inside is going to get a lot of hate and I understand why. This attraction was kind of like a personal attraction of mine. Also the ride was going to be a lot more violent but I toned it down. Also I tried to blend soarin and an Air Force simulator but it turns out that didn’t work. I like that monster mania got some praise. I do admit alien encounter didn’t really fit in the land.


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First, I would like to say that I will miss the original Team Lore. I only was with y'all for one round, but it was still good.First up, let’s talk about the coaster. Jukebox Jam is very interesting in concept and I'd love to see it in reality. This ride is both immersive and suits people like me who have very particular tastes in music. Now let’s move on to Muppets American Graffiti. The story of the ride was very interesting, taking guests back to a turning point in American history. I love how chaotic the ride is from queue to exit. Now let’s cover Fly Inside. While the ride was good, I did notice a mistake. The nuke testing ”towns” were built in the American deserts. I simultaneously love and hate the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull reference because, well, it's KotCS. Next up is Monster Mania. This ride is rather bizarre, but that is perfectly fine considering that it is themed around B horror films which were always on the weird side. Love the interactivity. I have similar things to say about Amazing Aliens. Once again, it’s pretty weird but since it’s themed to 1950s horror and sci-fi, that is fine. I find the inclusion of vampires rather strange for a Sci Fi themed ride as they are more Gothic creatures, but it's OK because you justified that it was a reference to a film. Alien Encounter: Under New Management is another rather odd attraction but it’s also AMAZING. I love the plot, making the aliens heroic is really a first in the realm of Disney Park Rides so it’s appreciated! Route 66 is a cool ride and I love the theme! Everything else is amazing.
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I’m really glad that monster mania is getting lots of praise. Also when is the next project going to be. I know it’s your game but I do have a suggestion maybe a reimagined version of Adventureland or fantasyland
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I know @Dark PerGron probably doesn’t want me to do this, what with being Team Lore’s judge, but let’s review Team Legend’s project for whatever reason:
First, I simply have to say that this is probably one of the best things I’ve ever read. Love the idea of an Asian influenced area of an otherwise European influenced park. Moving on to the attractions, I LOVE the Dueling Fire coaster due to its theming being a mix of Aztec (Step pyramids, Sun Warriors) and Asian (Pyramid kind of looks like the Borobudur Temple in Indonesia and the Asian Dragons flying around). I love the Sky Bison Soar/Yangchen Feast area because it feels like the entire area is Tibet/Bhutan, two of my favorite places in Asia. I love the Ember Island Rapids because you put a theater as the queue house, the caves, and the nature. I love the Water ride because it’s so pretty sounding. I love the bazaar because I’m visualizing it as a small rural village in Imperial China.

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