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Dark PerGron’s Manor of Mysteries [Game Thread]


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Team Lore invites you to come explore with the Society of Explorers and Adventurers at Walt Disney World. Trip itinerary includes:

Battle-x-plorers Challenge
Dinner at an Illusionist Show
Pompeii, Italy

Read for yourself at:
Alright, let’s get started with Team Lore.
First up, I love that you open with an image of TDS's Tower Of Terror. Truly one of the greatest thrill rides of all time if I do say so myself
The history of S.E.A section is very informative and I'd like to take this time to thank you all for including it!
Battle-x-plorers was interesting and I mean that in a positive sense. Love the nod to Pleasure Island with MAP. I love the SEA members you chose! I also love the revamped Speedway!
@ThemeParkPriest, Scrolls Of Pompeii is probably the coolest thing you have ever made. I love the city of Pompeii and I have always held a spot in my heart for the art filled Vatican and you managed to do both justice!
Williams Illusion Cafe is an interesting concept and I see it taking off IRL!
Voyage of the Sunrise Moon is pretty bizarre but in a good way! I enjoy all the strange animals you included!
Overall, this was good and I enjoyed it!

Dark PerGron

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Reviews coming tonight I promise! I finished Lore’s but need to do Legend’s still.

Just a tiny thing I’m gonna throw out for an easy layup this round to make up for late reviews, don’t forget the Safari!​

Pi on my Cake

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In the Parks
Hey ya'll! Haven't been online in a while, but glad to see things are still going well here. Read through the two most recent projects (skimmed a bit admittedly) and I love what I'm seeing! The Enchanted Exploratorium by @AceAstro particularly stood out! I'm always a sucker for using real advanced science stuff in clever ways for projects. Especially if there's a diagram showing how it works haha

Hopefully I'll be seeing ya'll around more now that I'm in the slow season at work. Good luck everyone!

(And great job on this game @Dark PerGron!)


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I’m going to give you guys a little bit of an idea. Remember the little towns that have the shops and stuff. You could always put a show in the Lion King theater or Bird Show stage!

Dark PerGron

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Dark PerGron’s Reviews (for challenge 5)

Alright, better late than never, as they say. I wanted to commend both teams for your hard work this round. I know this time of year can be challenging, especially for those in the service industry, to be available and present to help teams, so I appreciate you all for continuing to play and help make this game as fun as can be. No matter what I or the other hosts do or come up with, it’s you all that make it work, without players we’d just be writing some crappy story about a mansion, and that’s a waste of time, so again, thank you for your participation!

Now this round we did lose @Tegan pilots a chicken, so I wanted to quickly throw in a thank you to her for jumping in and playing along with us! Tegan now finishes the game in 11th place. Her departure also does set eliminations back another round, but that’s okay, we’ll make it work. So going forward, pending no further drop outs, eliminations will begin two rounds from now in Round 8 of the competition rather than Round 7.

Alright, so let’s get on in here. I was really excited for this round’s prompt and thought it had the opportunity for some really exciting stuff to come out of it. We’ve seen S.E.A. get thrown around so many times in these competitions, but it’s always an interesting theme for inclusion and I wanted to see how you all would include it in parks that maybe didn’t fit the general vibes, Hollywood Studios especially. So needless to say, these projects had me very enticed and I’m super excited to jump into them!

Team Lore- S.E.A. Project

To start off, the inclusion of the overview page was great and I appreciate little details like that. Just a tiny bit of world building that also helps to flesh out the gist of what you’re getting into for the uninitiated or less familiar reader. Including stuff like this in a presentation is always a nice inclusion and I just wanted to say I appreciated it!

Starting now with Magic Kingdom and S.E.A. Battle-x-plorers, I think the general concept here was phenomenal. I always really enjoyed Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom, though I can’t say I ever beat it. I just enjoyed going in any time I was at the park and dragging my family along with me to get four booster packs and try to collect all the cards. It was one of those fun and exciting optional things that really leaves the parks feeling empty now that they’re gone. That being said, a S.E.A. themed game would make a ton of sense and would be a great way to incorporate the society into the parks in a way that welcomes people without requiring this deep knowledge of lore from the average park guest.

For your write-up, I appreciate the planning that went into the whole affair, be it the gameplay or even the sign-up areas. This clearly was an idea that @Miru had a lot of passion for. Now, this passion has also bitten you in the behind before, so for this attraction it had me a bit worried. Now to jump right into it, who is Smelding? This character is pretty prominent in the experience but has no introduction like the rest of the characters do and the frequency of their appearance made me really confused as I was reading it. I don’t know if there was a mistake in translating from page to website or if this was overlooked, but this character just appears and had me confused.

Speaking of confused, Tomorrowland’s addition completely and utterly lost me. Was this write-up a write-up of the redone Speedway or a write-up of the game being played? Do you have to play the game for this ride to work? I think cutting the redo of the ride entirely and focusing on your game should’ve been what you did because I found myself struggling to identify what it was I was actually reading. Clearly these characters and storylines have been developed and you cared a lot for the story you were trying to tell, but I couldn’t tell where it was accessible from or what exactly was going on? Next time, try not to overcomplicate things and just stick to the simple track. Work smarter, not harder, ya know!

As for Fantasyland, Adventureland, and the Finale, I actually really enjoyed these bits. I would’ve liked a bit more on Adventureland, but I know time was an issue here and I was just happy to see it included. I was going to comment at the beginning about the Despair Blot feeling weird for a S.E.A. attraction as that’s how I felt at the beginning, but as I read, I kind of just found it fitting in more and more and actually grew to kind of like the concept. This big supernatural shadowy power being the big bad makes sense for a S.E.A. game and I think you tied it all together pretty well. Tomorrowland was definitely the weak link here and I would have liked it to be more clear, but in the end, I would absolutely try out this game if it was real, so great job!

Epcot is a difficult one because I know there are a lot of Epcot purists out there who would scoff at the inclusion of S.E.A. in the park. While I’m pretty anti-IP in Epcot myself, I do think the society could be an interesting inclusion in the park as they are park-original IP anyway. That being said, I have to get a critique out of the way here; I wish you hadn’t included the S.E.A. into the World Showcase. To me, World Showcase should be about the actual culture and whatnot and S.E.A. being included kind of cheapens that a little bit. That’s not a critique against your ride and I knew it was most likely where teams would put these experiences, but it was a challenge I wanted to see how you guys dealt with it and y’all fell into that trap. Oh well, c’est la vie!

Scrolls from Pompeii made for an interesting attraction and one that I could definitely see what you were going for, but I don’t really know if it succeeded in that goal. I think to start off, this didn’t really feel like a S.E.A. attraction, if only because there weren’t really any S.E.A. specific mentions or anything. The introduction to Padre Piaggio was all fine and good, but while I assume he is a new S.E.A. member due to the context clues of the project, you didn’t really specify this nor his ties to the organization. That’s unfortunate because I did find the character really interesting in your brainstorming. A theologist member of the organization is fascinating and I would’ve loved to explore that a bit more.

As for the attraction itself, this may seem like an unfair critique, but this felt like you wrote up a pre-show. The whole narration and explanation from the characters, it felt like all the exposition yet by the time we were getting into the ride, the ride was over. I would’ve loved to have explored the ruins a bit more, or maybe even take the creative license to travel back to the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. As is, though, it just felt a little bit half-baked and could’ve used a bit more.

Jumping into Hollywood Studios, this was probably the hardest of the four based solely on the current version of S.E.A. that we know of. That being said, I do think there are a lot of interesting characters you could create to fit comfortably within the park. I think with Williams’ Illusion Cafe: A Magical Culinary Escape, this is a really interesting idea and brings back a phenomenal idea for a magic-themed restaurant at DHS. I really did enjoy the backstory put into it and the character biography, but I do wish we could’ve had a bit more in terms of the environment. The story is super cool and just a little bit more in terms of environment and setting would’ve really plussed this project up for me.

So there’s absolutely no surprise when I say that Animal Kingdom is my absolute favorite park. There should also be no surprise when I say that Animal Kingdom needs more rides and you strive to amend that with Voyage of the Sunrise Moon (which is a 10/10 name by the way). I think your placemaking here is great, that expansion pad behind Kali could definitely be used for something and due to the animal housing back there, it can’t really be a massive land so your inclusion fits well. My biggest issue here is that while your reasoning and your queue are well-written, there’s really very little about the actual ride to the point I don’t really have an understanding for what it is I’d be seeing. Again, I understand time constraints and whatnot, but I would’ve loved to see more of the ride.

Overall, I have to say this project was kind of a mixed bag for me. I liked the framework for everything you’ve established, but by the time we got into detail, it was either too confusing or just overall lacking in the detail department. I loved what you were going for, but in the end, walked away kind of disappointed.

Team Legend Trip Report

Alright, I’m gonna say I’m kicking myself for not reading this back when it was first submitted. Unfortunately the holiday week just got the better of me, but I absolutely loved the setup for this. I love a unique project style and while I know trip reports have been done before, they’re not the most common and always scratch that creative writing itch that just plusses the projects being worked on. While it was very against my nature to let you all leave the Manor (I’m bound to the cursed place after all) I’m glad it worked out well for all.

Jumping right in because I have four reviews to post tonight, we have the Enchanted Exploratorium at the Magic Kingdom. I’m not really a Tomorrowland fan and any time I see a project set in Tomorrowland, I kind of groan a little bit because of how little I care for the land. That being said, if this was real, I’d probably be more willing to visit that side of the park! At first I was thinking it would be a dark ride of some sort, but it actually ended up being an exhibit space?! That’s like my favorite part of old Epcot, to have it here would be super cool.

I think the selected exhibits would be an absolute blast to see and explore around, it fits the wonder of the Disney parks, plus the idea Walt originally had where Tomorrowland would be about discovery and science and whatever. The combination of exhibits was excellent and all were just interesting enough as well as just believable enough to exist, though I can only imagine the line and the cost of the food creation exhibit haha. I also think the inclusion of Dr. Luminis was well done at the beginning, establishing how this tied in to S.E.A. without overdoing it. The key to S.E.A. is it’s there for those who know but invisible to those who don’t care and I think this balanced that well. It fleshed out the character while simultaneously not having her detract for those who don’t know about S.E.A.

Over at Epcot, we jump into Man’s Odyssey. This ride seems great, but at the beginning you showed off the old Odyssey restaurant. Is there space here for such a massive boat ride? I’m not really sure. That said, I did enjoy the buildup through the queue and exploring EPCOT through the loading area. I’m sure Disney fans would have an absolute blast deciphering every tiny detail of it, and I’m sure it would get Offhand Disney millions of views on his inevitable video about all the secrets hidden inside.

I think the ride itself was really interesting and well thought out, with clear dedication and effort put into each scene here. All the animatronics and sight gags and whatnot, but one kind of major thing kept leaping out at me: this is just a plussed up it’s a small world. And yeah, you kind of set that tone at the beginning with it being a sequel or spiritual successor, but really, it follows the exact same story beats, going into each continent with sight gags for different cultures and culminating in a big unity celebration at the end. There are some clear changes, such as the S.E.A. tie in narrator, who was fun but maybe a bit too present for this sort of ride? But in the end, it still followed all the same beats. If it’s a small world didn’t exist or wasn’t still around, I think this would’ve been a lot stronger, but as is, it’s a strong exercise in writing but maybe a little bit too close to the source material. Minus people streaking through of course.

Heading to DHS, “a short biography.” Is that what that is @TheOriginalTiki ;p

But seriously, I think this character is the most compelling one we’ve had so far! If S.E.A. is going to be implemented somehow, I think the way to do it is either how y’all did it in Tomorrowland, or this, featuring it as a character piece with the Society more of a small thing in the background. I also really enjoyed the inclusion of a character meet and greet, something I think Disney should do more of, both with originals and their IP characters.

This definitely felt like a Tiki wish fulfillment story. I mean, come on. Backrests on seats? No cringe audience interaction? Half the fun of going to these things is being ridiculously uncomfortable, both physically and emotionally! Carson Levi’s Grand Expedition was a really effective stunt show in all seriousness. I was fully enthralled with the physical sets and the use of the Volume technology, something Disney should do more with in park and less in Star Wars shows, as it all blended together to create a really exciting show. I also enjoyed the somewhat darker undertones the show had with the main character being an explorer who cannot explore, that was an interesting twist. Overall, not a ton to say but I thoroughly enjoyed this.

Alright, Animal Kingdom… Just this intro has me in a mood, I adore Planet Watch and won’t stand for the slander lol. But I’ll set that aside and see what you all can do here. I do really like the original character and the backstory behind him. I know you were going to go with a character inspired by me, and as funny as that would’ve been I already have one in Harrison Hightower I’m glad you went a different route and made a character with a much more interesting backstory.

The Trails of Africa is a really interesting concept, a new walkthrough focusing on natural environments is definitely a fitting addition to Animal Kingdom and I think all of the show scenes you included here were really great. My biggest qualm here was probably that I could’ve used more descriptors of how the effects were achieved. Based on the little quips here and there throughout, I figure most of it (if not all) is indoors with screens, but it also seems like some scenes are practical? A few more inclusions here in terms of how it actually works would’ve benefitted a bit more, but I still did appreciate the work that went into it and the scenes that were done were awesome. The best part is you left the Planet Watch otherwise mostly alone haha, love that place.

Overall, both teams had their positives and negatives, but I think despite the time issues and the personal life challenges, and losing a player, I think both teams managed to achieve some great successes. Great job!​

Dark PerGron

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Dark PerGron’s Reviews (challenge 6)

Alright, let’s get a bit more timely here. This was a project I was super excited to see what y’all were able to come up with. As I said before, there is no secret that Animal Kingdom is my favorite park and I don’t think it gets the love it deserves, be it in real life or in Armchair Imagineering. We always see a Dinoland overhaul or something, but I wanted to go more unique with it.

There’s always been that legend that “AK is a half day park” or “because of the animals they can’t be open at night” but from my time working at zoos and pushing for change in the industry, these things are absolutely not seen as the case anymore. Zoo light events at night are becoming popular and animals getting the option to stay on exhibit rather than being locked indoors all night is becoming the industry standard. So with these challenges no longer really being of concern, and also with the park having recently lost their one nighttime offering, why not explore what could be done if Disney gave a crap about this amazing park.

For a project occurring over the week of Thanksgiving leading to less availability, I was impressed by how active you all were. I totally expected less, so great job on that y’all. I also figured we’d give you a few extra days due to the holiday, so I hope that extra time was helpful. As we get into this next round, it’s the last one pre-eliminations, so I hope the rest was helpful. Now let’s jump into the projects.

Team Lore: Animal Kingdom: After Sunset

Myself and @JokersWild are famously anti-parade, so it was a bold strategy including Light Up the Night in your roster. No, but in all seriousness, a parade absolutely makes sense for Animal Kingdom. I may not like parades, but the inclusion of Jammin’ Jungle all those years ago did make the park feel more alive and lived in, and I think the same could be done with this nighttime parade. All it has to do is go through Dinoland and Discovery Island instead of Camp Minnie Mickey and it should be all set really.

The floats themselves are decent, with a clear identity for each and some interesting concepts. Doing five out of eight floats dedicated to mammals was definitely a choice and I think I would’ve liked to have seen some more variety here, maybe with reptiles or my beloved amphibians? Or maybe even a dinosaur float and bring back the old carnotaurus costumes that used to roam around? I think a bit more variety would’ve plussed it up, but at the same time, I don’t think any of the floats are bad and I’m sure nobody other than me would really even notice. The only other thing I want to bring up is I would’ve liked some visual aids, though I’ll give @ThemeParkPriest a pass here because you were busy driving. Always nice to include something though, even like a google image search of the characters by a parade float, just to give a clear idea. Regardless, it was an effective parade for sure.

Jumping into Flap In the Night: Darkwing Goes Prehistoric, what a name. I like the idea of putting a meet and greet into the space, though I won’t lie, using that whole theater for a show only at nighttime does feel kind of like a waste of space. I get that you’d need to redo the stage so bye bye to whatever the Nemo Show is currently makes sense, but I also feel like maybe keeping it a daytime Darkwing Duck show, or maybe even a Ducktales show with a similar setting and theme? I just feel like (other than Fantasmic) Disney doesn’t keep a theater vacant all day.

The queue is definitely odd. Is there a kitchen? Why all this food? What smell are you talking about, could you describe it a bit? What exactly would Kerchak put in a chili? Nevertheless, it’s a minor part so no worries really. On to the show, I have one pretty major question; why does Steelbeak want to eat the characters? I haven’t seen the show in a very long time but I don’t recall him wanting to eat so many things and I was way too afraid to google “Steelbeak eating Darkwing Duck” to answer my own question. Like I get you’re going for the t-rex parallel, but maybe just have him want to be the strongest or most powerful or something?

This show overall feels like an excellent episode of Darkwing Duck, but I struggle to see how it would play out on stage. It all feels very animated series, would these be costumed characters like is in the meet and greet? Would it be more Lion King on Broadway with outfits reminiscent of the characters? Is it puppetry? I’m really a little bit lost on this one, because while it isn’t bad by any stretch, it also doesn’t feel like a live stage performance at a theme park, it feels like an afternoon cartoon episode. Maybe it could’ve been a 4D show instead of a stage show?. Also, why not have this just play all day and have nighttime showings? There wasn’t anything especially night exclusive here. I don’t know, I just don’t think this one worked for me.

I did, however, really like the Trail Upgrade section. I think having the animal trails walkable at night is something Disney absolutely should do. If we can see the animals at the Lodge 24/7, why not do the same with the other animals. When I was a kid we had a zoo nearby (it’s still there, they just don’t do this anymore) that was open at night and would give red light covers for flashlights and headlamps as most animals can’t see red light and we’d walk around and see the animals moving around at night. It was a formative experience for me and while this trail would be focusing on cool lanterns instead of red flashlights, the effect is the same, illuminating the area enough without really disturbing anything. I also liked the variety of picks and choices for the lanterns, some obvious picks and definitely some more out there unique ones. Great job!

With the Kilimanjaro Safaris Upgrade, I’m glad both teams took my advice in keeping the safaris open at night. Not too many changes are really needed from the current(?) sunset safaris, but keeping the ride open is definitely something I think benefits the park. As for adding indoor areas to the ride, personally I think it’s a bit unnecessary, simply leaving the animals out longer or maybe opening the gate to their holding area would suffice, but either way, I’m glad you chose to keep it open.

The Pandora Upgrade section of the project was one I was really excited to look through, but it seems time got the best of you. I’ll never not be understanding on time related issues, myself having them frequently enough, but it is always a bit disappointing to see an underwhelming project because of them. While I don’t blame anyone, I do think teammates should be offering a bit of help when it’s needed.

Technically, you guys didn’t really do a Nighttime Spectacular in the traditional sense, something that was required with the prompt. That being said, with the show and parade, I’m willing to call those collectively the nighttime spectacular.

Overall, I think you guys did the obvious additions, but I don’t say that negatively at all. Sometimes, the only thing you need are basic touch-ups and upgrades and I think you all did that pretty effectively. Especially being down a teammate from the last round and no word from @Chaos Cat pretty much all game. So with a team of five with only four active but busy players, you should all be proud of yourselves!

Team Legend: Animal Kingdom Night

Alright, after your showing last round, I was really excited to see what you guys could do. You were definitely the more active of the two teams and I think sending @OSUPhantom over to Team Legend really helped you guys out and I’m excited to get into this.

Starting with Our World, this is a concept I think really does fit within the park. I’m probably in the minority but I really did love Rivers of Light and miss it. I think a new and updated version of that would be a really exciting thing to add to the park to round out the nighttime offerings. I enjoyed the theme of it all celebrating life and I adore the lack of IP, I feel like that ruined the integrity of Rivers of Light when they did that for like three weeks pre-Covid shutdown. As a naturalist and nature lover, the themes of life, growth, death, and renewal, or the circle of life for the uninitiated, are so fascinating and so beautiful and fit perfectly into a nighttime show. This was a bit light on detail and I would’ve loved some visual aids, but the essence of it all fits really well!

It was at this point I want to critique your website a tiny bit. I know some teammates struggle with websites and I know getting everything on was a last minute burst (one I really want to commend @Architectural Guinea Pig for handling perfectly) but I wish I could click directly to the next offering rather than be redirected to the hub page, scrolling to the bottom, and clicking the next one. I’m lazy so the ease of reading it all sequentially as opposed to putting the effort to go back and scroll is something I’d love to see fixed next time.

Alright, let’s get into Ball Bash at the Dino Institute (psst @TheOriginalTiki I love the original art, keep it up, but maybe don’t make blue balloons on the blue background or it looks like a wayyyy different offering.) Now I love Dinoland, something else I’m probably in the minority of, and I think adding some campy giant balloons would be a really fun addition to it all. The bubble party would also be fun with a DJ, but that to me feels like something to add to your after events hard ticket rather than a nightly offering. Same with the Dr. Seeker meet and greet, as much as I would absolutely kill to get that in real life. Like seriously, watch out y’all. As for the balloon animals, still a threat to live animals so I’d maybe cut it but I get why it was included. Maybe put it at the exit of the park so they can’t come back in?

As for Expedition Everest, this sounds sick as ****! It really takes an already phenomenal attraction (especially at night) and just ups and downs the effects where needed and makes an even better experience. I would be so down for this. That being said… Everest: Expedition Disco would be a ton of fun and something that I can see Disney fans lining up for hours upon hours to experience. If you think the Figment Popcorn Bucket was a line, then this would be a whole other animal. I’m glad you were able to do this as well as make an actual nighttime overlay.

Alright, with Pandora Nights, I have got to wonder, why two separate hard ticket events? It’s just a little strange when I think a lot of this stuff could have been included in one event, or even just in an average nighttime experience. I liked the food options being added and as a Night Blossom enjoyer getting more options would be very nice and more glowing food is very cool.

So with Avatar: Flight of the Stars, this was a genius idea and when it got brought up in the chat, I did one of those sports movie coach moves where you fist pump on the sidelines proud of your boys (and girls and enbys). Keeping the same general story is the obvious path, but I think the choices you made to plus it up absolutely added to the ride and I would love to see this implemented, especially on a sliding scale changing with the time of day. Again, my biggest issue here is that you say this is an event item that will be translated to nightly after the event, so my wondering why you have two hard ticket events makes me wonder again.

Eywa Night Light Dances is another really neat addition I’d love to see implemented at night. I’m an enjoyer of the Tree of Life Awakening show and this reminds me a lot of that with a Pandora twist. This, to me, seems like a great hard ticket item, but also could be a general nighttime experience that would be kind of fun. As for the Safari at Night experience, it is a great way to do an after-hours event safari. Night vision goggles at AKL are one of my favorite parts of the hotel and adding them here is an awesome addition. I also like that despite the night vision being exclusive to After Hours Events (which does make sense) the ride is still open at night regardless. Great choices!

The Festival of Lights after hours event seems like a gorgeous addition, but its inclusion just still a bit baffling. I get that the two events have different goals, but having two separate hard ticket events in this project on top of extending park hours is just a bit much to me. I promise, that’s all I’ll mention of that for the rest of the review though. Having the Pandora stuff be regular night additions, making this stuff, night safari, and the dinoland balloon bash be the after hours stuff would’ve just made more sense to me is all. I’m also really tired from writing four reviews today haha.

All that said, nighttime lantern festivals are all the rage at zoos nowadays, so this makes a lot of sense as an addition. I also love the addition of the Zodiac Menagerie. The Merry Menagerie is a personal favorite of mine and this would be an excellent addition to that for these night events. As for the Discovery Island map, I’m very happy to see Tree of Life Awakenings returning! Africa, Dinoland U.S.A, and Pandora are all very minimalistic in detail for this event, but I think that’s fine assuming it’s all open and just mostly unchanged.

All of the Food Stands are great and I would absolutely be frequenting all of them. That said, please next time put them on one single page. I’m already clicking on so many buttons that it’s stressing my technologically illiterate *** out haha. The Lantern Walk is also very cute and a fun way to do interactive events in the parks.

Finally, Our World: Planet of Lights is a brilliant overlay of the Our World show. This is all just beautiful and I really wish I could see it all.

All in all, both teams, again, had their ups and downs, but I would be super happy to experience both. Great job both teams and I really hope you guys enjoyed your two days off! Results may take a bit for my fellow judges to get back to me so next prompt will be up soon. If they haven’t read yet, I’ll make the decision tomorrow!​

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The Wine Cellar

Welcome one and all, to our next room. Story elements will return when I have the time, but for now, we enter the next round as well as Project Seven. Project Seven is the last round you are all safe from elimination as Project Eight begins eliminations. Anyway...

Challenge Seven

Challenge 7: Create a new Themed experience akin to Adventurer's Club to go at Disney Springs or Universal CityWalk

We all love The Adventurer's Club, despite most of us probably never having experienced it in person. We play with it a lot in these comps, but it's time we stray away from our beloved club and create something new.

Your challenge will be to turn this entertainment venue into a must stop at your particular spot. Make it fun, Instagrammable, and memorable!

This Project will be due Wednesday December 6 at 11:59 EST.

Each team will also be gaining a guest reviewer with Team Lore hosting @cdunlap and Team Legend hosting @Disney Warrior. @Disney Dad 3000 will be added to both groups for potential reviews as well!​

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As the players are working hard in the wine cellar, the dingy and damp space filled with silence, a melodic tapping can be heard within one of the wine barrels.

“Now that’s weird,” says @Mr. Tux

“Yeah, we should check it out. Don’t want anything stuck in there.” Agrees @ThemeParkPriest

Suddenly, with a flying jump kick, @Pi on my Cake leaps and plants his foot well into the barrel, spilling warm red wine throughout the room, the smell filling the dank space.

“Well good job Pi, now the floor’s all sticky!” replies @OSUPhantom. “If it was coffee it would be better.”

“Sorry guys,” apologizes Pi. “I thought I could free whatever was trapped.”

“You did.” A high-pitched voice echoes from the shadows. Suddenly, a tiny mouse scurries out from the darkness and into the candlelight.

“Oh, it’s just a mouse, I thought it was talking to us.” jests @MonorailRed

“Oh, I am” the mouse replies, its white fur covered in red wine stains. “I was trapped in there for 1000 years! I’m finally free, and for your help, I’ll grant you all one wish.

“A Magic Mouse is giving us a wish?” @TheOriginalTiki says. “Weirdest place I’ve ever been.”

“If you’ll grant us one wish, then we should seriously decide what we wish for together!” @spacemt354 suggests.

“Well I wish we would finally get the round five results.” @Architectural Guinea Pig says under their breath.

“Your wish is my command!” The mouse says, vanishing in a sparkle of red wine. In its place, an envelope.

“Seriously! We could’ve asked for unlimited money!” @OSUPhantom says.

“Or to live in an anime world” @Miru replies.

“Or even to have the power of gaslighting!” @Pi on my Cake yells!

“Well too late gang, let’s crack this open I guess.” @spacemt354 says, lifting the envelope.

Challenge 5 Results

Team Lore

Unfortunately, dealing with losing a player, having one inactive, and the rest of you being busy, it led to this project feeling underdeveloped and what was developed was just a bit too confusing. A valiant effort, but not your team’s strongest showing unfortunately.

Team Legend

Where Team Lore struggled, Team Legend absolutely dominated. This may be my favorite project of the entire game thus far and definitely Team Legend’s strongest showing thus far. You guys worked like a well oiled machine, filling in for each other where it was needed. A very strong showing and a well-earned victory!

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