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Daily Disney Fix

Soarin' Over Pgh

Well-Known Member
Apparently I slept through "the worst of it" as everyones been telling me all day. I dunno, I watched a scary movie last night (lol) was up too late, and when I hit the bed and crashed... I guess I really did crash.

I hear we're supposed to get more rain, though.

I take several tens of minutes long vacations everyday, lol :)


One Little Spark...
Premium Member

and what's spinning around in front of Big Thunder?

From wiki...

"After going under the second lift hill drop (which is a point where it may be possible to see the riders on another train), the trains make a tight downwind spiral to the right into a short tunnel. Emerging from the tunnel, riders find themselves in the abandoned town of Tumbleweed. The Walt Disney World Railroad's track can be seen to the right of the guests. While passing through Tumbleweed, the track goes through several bunny hops, and the train seems to sway from side to side. The swaying is achieved by banking the track slightly. On the left, riders see the wagon of Professor Cumulus Isobar, whose rainmaking machine works too well, and a party being held on the second floor of the flooded saloon. On the right, one sees a remaining resident spinning around in a floating bathtub. In the early years of the ride, the floodwaters in Tumbleweed were much more torrential than they are today."

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