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News D23 Expo 2019


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I remember how exciting this panel has been the last two D23's, so am definitely looking forward to this again. Fingers crossed for at least a few things that we haven't heard about before. The main street theater announcement (rest in peace) last time was such a pleasant surprise.


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There's plenty of room for both Disney and Universal in Orlando ;) They still target different demographics. An out of touch executive making haha universe is bigger jokes doesn't really mean "making a play" (they see the potential growth possibilities). They're just getting on the level Disney has long been at in terms of being a week-long destination and not just "well let's tag on a day or two at Universal" at the end of a Disney/Orlando vacation. It's about time, too. It's definitely a competition but not the one fans seem to want or think it is, lol.

But yeah, I do agree Universal could one day decide to do a convention and they have a convention center right down the street ...

Not sure how Tom Williams comments about 'Universe is bigger than a world' comes across as out of touch, but okay. 👍


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anybody have a link to the livestream?
Sorry, not live-streaming, but plenty of others appear to be...

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