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News D23 Expo 2017


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The 2017 Disney Channel version of Mickey???? Are they out of their minds? 99% of Disney fans don't watch the new cartoons and if they've seen it they avoid them at all costs.

I'm shocked and would have booed had I been in the hall.

Love the idea hate the character design.
You mean 2013 Disney Channel version.


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So I know most people here will be bouncing off the walls about something. Me...I just feel left behind. With the rest of the old WED crew. Not that I didn't know that already. This feels like cotton candy fluff. Lacking depth, texture and that sense of wondrous satisfaction that comes with reading a really good book, or watching a really good movie, or eating a well-crafted, well-presented five course meal. I always worried about the day when Disney would no longer mean Adventureland, Frontierland and Tomorrowland without IPs, and this was just more nails in the coffin that that day passed a long time ago.

I do like the concept art for the Space restaurant. But any pleasure is wiped away by knowing that reservations will be gone by the time I know when I'm coming, therefore the price must be raised sky high. I haven't been around much in the last year, but figured I better pop in to see what is up. I think I'll go back to pricing out a Hong Kong vacation (Our 20th anniversary is next year, and the traditional gift is China...so I thought it was a cute variation...without needing the visa to go to Shanghai). Mystic Manor is really good, right?


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Pixar Pier? Really? Wow. Even Disney doesn't care about DCA.

Given how far DCA has come since it opened, I'm over the moon with anything. Especially knowing we're getting a Marvel infusion sooner than later and Paradise Pier hasn't had a lot of love to it for a bit, buildings looking faded and the whole place a little out of sorts, at least it will tie together better with TSMM and feel like a "land" to itself.

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