D23 Disney+ 3-year subscription login?


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Has anybody who prepaid for D23 Disney+ offer (back in August) received any e-mails concerning how it's going to work for us on Tuesday when the service launches? I'm unsure what my login will be, perhaps it's the same as my D23.com login? Seems like Disney would have sent something by now with an update.

I tried contacting D23 a few days ago through phone and e-mail and haven't gotten a response.

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I signed up. Nothing yet. I imagine maybe something along the lines of instructions the day before, or the day of...


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I am expecting to download the spp on Monday night and it working on Tuesday. My Hulu app works great with the same email address and password


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Did anyone successfully figure out how to login with the 3 year subscription through the D23 offer? I haven't had time to set things up yet but it's on my list for tomorrow. Didn't get any kind of email or anything


Just log in with your D23 ID and password. They'll tell you to change your password by sending you an email with a 6 digit code.
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