Crush Dude's August 2012 20+ Day Disney Dining Extravaganza!!!!

Crush Dude!

Back from WDW!Counting down to DLP in November!
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Well folks in the words of Rafiki from my Fave Disney movie of all time, The Lion King,

"It Is Time!"

This trip was very heavy on ADR's and all had been planned months in advance! Also as many of you know we had a big list of snacks and certain dishes and drinks we wanted to try! In the end out of a list of 70 we had over 60! So not bad at all!!

This report may come along ALOT quicker than my trip report as i was uploading food & drink photos to my photobucket every night of our trip while other photos have only just started uploading!

All in all there is roughly 800 photos taken of foods, drinks, snacks, desserts, entrees, appetisers and any thing else that we thought looked good :D

Hope you all enjoy what follows as we most certainly enjoyed working our way through it :D

Now in the (altered) words of Luimear;

"Crush's Disney Dining Extravaganza proudly presents, Our Dinner.... etc. etc. etc. :D"


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I can't WAIT for this! It's the perfect thing I need to help me deal with the fact that I have only 15 days until I get to Disney! I'll be checking this thread all day!
Your so lucky your going in 15 days. I leave tomorrow and on our 2nd to last day we always go to MK but because of Issac it's a monsoon out there! Thunder, lighting, wind everything!
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