Cruiser behaving badly

Sans Souci

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Make some think, what's some of the worst behavior you have seen or maybe even been a part of?
I was with a group of friends of the Dream in 2014. We saw a couple gettin' busy at the very back of Evolution. After that, I saw a fight about politics break out on the Fantasy last year in La Piazza.


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During the Sail Away party, so land and even Port Canaveral are still in view, a middle-age(ish) lady (in a sky blue Terry cloth track suit no less) was so drunk that as she was dancing (stumbling to the music) and flirting (unzipping her jacket to reveal very little on under it), she fell into the band, taking out the drummer and is entire drum set! I never saw her again that cruise 😁

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We were at the Pirate party and got down a little early to make sure we had a decent spot. A tall guy and his Ipad left his family behind and pushed (literally) his way in front of my 5 foot tall wife and our then 7 year old. After I kindly asked him to move, directed him out of the way of my family, he did it again and again. I finally put my weight into him and leaned him out and may have given him a candid finger gesture in his video. 😉

Otherwise, we really havent had too much trouble on Dis cruises except for unruly kids. There was that time that my wife and I got hit on by another couple. It got awkward after an invite back to their room for drinks and ........


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Another cruiser lost their life aboard Carnival recently. Fell from the 9th deck and landed on the 5th deck.
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