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Cricut Questions


Yoruba Obladi Oblada brah
Premium Member
Original Poster
My DD is interested purchasing a Cricut but there are so many variations and costs. She has many questions that we can't seem to find answers to. Help please.

-What are the major differences between Cricut Expression, Cricut Expression II and Cricut Explore. Are there any major features that make any of these models a must have?

-Are the cartridges compatible with all the models or are the cartridges model specific?

-Are there any other accessories that need to be purchased that are not included with the machine that are necessary options right away?


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I can't answer your questions, but I would like to suggest you check QVC or HSN online as one of them puts those machines on as their daily special a lot, and they always add stuff to the purchase you can't get in the stores. They will probably have videos also. I think it's HSN, but I watch both, so I could easily be wrong.
Additionally, you get 30 days to try it out and if your DD decides she doesn't like it after all, then you can send it back.