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Creystal Palace- really that bad?


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I have only had dinner there once but it was good. Although I haven't had a terrible meal anywhere on property. Some better than others but in my experience CP was good.


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I am a fan as well. For a buffet breakfast there are so many options you are bound to find SOMETHING to your liking. For me...I always load up on those little tater tot hash brown thingies. For some reason Disney is the ONLY place they have the technology to keep those crispy in a buffet. :slurp:


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Was just there in December- had breakfast at both Chef Mickey's and Crystal Palace. We enjoyed them both! I felt there was a good selection at both places. I think either would be a fine choice for your family. Enjoy! :wave:


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Count me in as pro Crystal Palace. My family eats there everytime we go. The food is always hot, refreshed on a regular basis, and has a great variety. The atmosphere is lovely and having Winnie and friends come around is a great treat. You should go there, and try it out yourself. The worst is you don't like it and do not go back again.


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We ate at the Crystal Palace on our '09 trip and it was good. Not spectacular but good. I think they do a good job of keeping fresh, hot food out. The character interaction was great and our CM (Kip from Australia) was wonderful. All in all a very pleasant experience for all of us. :)

Plus I think you should take all reviews with a grain of salt and if there is some place you want to try, just go and get your own opinion. :animwink:

Matt and Kelly

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Yes. Dinner is that bad.

Really? I didn't think so at all. My wife, her two cousins and I ate there in late December 2009 and really quite enjoyed it. The food wasn't knock your socks off fantastic, but I though it was pretty good. Definitely a good selection and great dessert options!

The Character interaction was outstanding, the atmposphere was fun and the servers treated us very well. It was a good meal to our minds off just having a two day delay getting to WDW and losing a full day at the parks.

Granted, I have only been there the one time, but I have no complaints.

Matt and Kelly

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I think you should take all reviews with a grain of salt and if there is some place you want to try, just go and get your own opinion. :animwink:

Very well said...I likely wouldn't eat at any of the restuarants I've tried if I stuck to the majority of the reviews I've read leading up to a trip!
Hey all,

I am going to disney in late february/ early march, and of course I could not get in at chef Mickey's. My wife, at that point, really wants to go there, so I am still trying. But her favorite character is eeyore. So I adgot ADRs for crystal palace in the morning before MK opens. But I am hearing around the disney community, that crystal palace has bad food. Some have said the worst on property. So my question is, is it that bad?

Thanks in advance.

in my experience there the atmosphere is very enjoyable and the breakfast is good but i wouldn't go there for dinner there are other places with much more enjoyable food witht the atmosphere


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My husband and I went last August and loved it. We got the earliest breakfast reservation of the day. It was great to walk down Main Street before the park was even open and get lots a empty park pics. The food was pretty good. It's the only place I know on the property that does the deep fried puffed french toast drenched in cinnamon. ( I could be wrong on that though). DH and I weren't too concerned about character interactions but they all came to the table. Since it was early, the restaurant was only about 1/4 full, so the characters seemed to spend more time with families with small kids.
I highly recommend the place for an 8:05 reservation. We were out of the restaurant by 8:50 and were the first people of the day on Pirates (DH's favorite). We were the only ones in the boat (and the whole building for that matter). It was awesome!

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