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Creations Shop opening this summer

Figments Friend

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Strangely, many of your thoughts read like conspiracy theories. 🤔

Also, I love that we can have people saying the signage is so boring that it looks like a strip mall while others think it's overly decorative attraction-like signage to lure unsuspecting guests into a merchandising Venus flytrap.


And this is what makes reading the Forum so entertaining.




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the > on the right to swipe through photos -

"That's the spirit we want to capture and celebrate at Epcot."
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Inspired Figment

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Some park-specific merchandise that can't be found in every other store at Walt Disney World would be a welcome change.
To be fair, there’s the spaceship earth designs on a number items (aswell as Figment) which is HUGE amount of progress, considering the lack of EPCOT-exclusive themed merch in it’s previous incarnation a couple-few years ago.


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I hope that rhinestoned Mickey is super secured, and the gems are properly glued down. It looks so beautiful now, but if gems start getting ripped off as a souvenir, I'll be super heartbroken.


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Frankly, I do not understand why the Creations Shop is dedicated to Mickey Mouse. If the idea behind the reimagining of this merchandise location was to blend contemporary style with elements of original EPCOT, then why not dedicate the shop to Figment? Would it really have been that difficult to create Figment murals and sculptures?

One little spark, of inspiration, is at the heart of all creation. Is it too much to ask that someone would have remembered who sings this line?
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