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COVID Spiel at Disney


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The spiel goes "Thank you for visiting us today, just a few reminders. Please wear a face covering at all times, except while actively eating or drinking while stationary. Clean your hands often and thoroughly. Cover your mouth and nose while coughing and sneezing, and maintain physical distancing."

This spiel has been played in a few different variations since WDW opened, but my main point is, is that I heard it playing in the Disney store at my mall. I'm just making a post about this in case anyone was hoping for a clean recording of it, because Disney stores are dead right now. Although my Disney store at the Galleria in Houston does not have any speakers low to the ground, if the store was empty enough you might be able to get a decent recording of it, especially considering the reverb will be considerably less than in the parks. It seems to play every ten minutes, same as in WDW. If you're interested in recording this, I recommend entering the store, and waiting for it to play. As soon as it starts, check the time, and you can predict when it next will play. Also, I may be wrong about the 10 minute thing, it might just play every few songs.

That's all!


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You lucky person you. I only wish a Disney Store was situated in my vicinity so I could hear it. How ive missed being able to get a touch of Disney when Im unable to get to FL. The Disney store that was in our mall shut down years ago.


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Does it alternate between a man's and woman's voice like it does at the parks? I haven't been to my local Disney Store but I'm planning a future visit.

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