News Country Bear Jamboree is getting new songs and acts


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Look what’s still up

Brer Panther

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Iger wants to know where you got his plans for the next 3 years from
I'll never tell!
You may want to take a look at a world map!
I don't think that there are any Disney movies taking place in Bali, and I know there are magic carpets in that room anyway (not sure what country they're supposed to be part of).

But, y'know, the whole post was satire anyhow, so I wouldn't take it too seriously.
I'm hopeful that Disney won't opt for the easy choice and instead try to put a spin on the lesser played, yet still well known Disney songs.
I'd be shocked if they didn't just go with the usual songs they trot out for live shows.
I'm sure the moment the Bears hit public domain that movie will happen
How successful was the Five Nights at Freddy's movie? If it made a lot of money, I wouldn't be surprised if Disney greenlit a Country Bears horror movie to cash in.


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I’m sure that the Orlando area will have a Five Nights at Freddy attraction later this year, at HHN. The movie was a Blumhouse/Universal movie, I will be shocked if it’s not the first house announced.

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Alas, the end of a classic era.

I will miss this original Show, one of my longtime favorites.
Glad I saw my final two shows in person two weeks ago.
It was looking in sad shape, but good to say goodbye to a historic presentation.

As much as I will miss the original Show, I have to say that it was sadly already a paler shadow of its former glory after the 2012 content butchering and refreshed reskinning.
Just was not the same after that tampering…particularly the editing to the soundtrack and dialog.

I do have a hard time imagining how it could possibly be better with the Bears singing countrified Disney tunes.
But we shall see….eventually.



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It seems like the rides they close ALWAYS break on their last day! They should expect it by this point!

Either way, they should have just opened the curtains! Or even run the show with the broken AAs. I'm sure if they made an announcement that some of the AAs are broken, the folks in line would have understood. But I guess that would have been bad show.
It occurred to me that CBJ opened at 10am instead of 11am. Those who went in the first hour should consider themselves very lucky. Because if it had opened up at 11am as normal the breakdown would have been an hour later in the evening. More who got in the queue by 9pm before the park close would have been able to see it. Or simply an offset from in the morning to in the evening.


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This person captured the sing-a-long and CM Trivia in the lobby after the breakdown happened, as well as the announcement that the show wouldn't continue. The CMs working the CBJ lobby should be commended for trying to keep everyone entertained the whole time before they had to call off the show.

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I'd be shocked if they didn't just go with the usual songs they trot out for live shows.
Same. We already know we’ve got bear necessities.

I’m actually encouraged by the poster art work and what we’ve heard so far. I don’t think the show will be as quirky, but I think it will be on-theme.

My biggest concern is the script, lately the scripts have been very basic and pre-school level. What made shows like the bears and tiki room work is how they were played to adults, not kids.

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