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Could a trip booking be in my future?


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Have not been able to plan a trip for over a year now. Wife wanted us to buy a house first. sheeesh!

Well. Can I say House Purchase... Check!

We finally after 7 months of trying to buy a short sale completed the deal and almost fished moving. We love our new place. While unpacking my wife wants to do the spare bathroom in a Disney theme. So now I will do my best to work on getting my wife to agree to a Disney trip. Maybe another one for just the two of us!


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Congrats on your new house. If it's your first, get ready to start shelling out cash for the rest of your life, lol. :)

I put Disney stuff in my guest room, but I live in Orlando and most people who sleep in there are keen on visiting the parks. :) A guest room is the perfect place for Disney stuff, IMO. :)

If your wife is so into Disney that she wants a Disney room, it shouldn't be too hard to talk her into a trip. :)
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