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Costumes for MNSSHP


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So I just mortgaged my home for tickets for Halloween for MNSSHP! So far I think we're doing a family themed costume of myself as Wendy, my daughter as Tinkerbell, my son as the tiniest Peter Pan :) and my husband as Hook or Smee- probably Smee since the costume will be a lot less expensive, lol.

I also thought of doing Cruella and the kids as Dalmatians, a Snow White theme (w/ me as the Evil Queen), and Mickey and Co.

I'm open to some more creative ideas, and I would LOVE to see your pictures!!!!


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A mini Peter Pan would be so adorable - I like that theme! Everyone will get to portray a unique character that way too.

Cruella sounds hot...like you'll be boiling in your costume! :p

Another one I can think of is Toy Story? Woody, Buzz, Bo Peep, Jessie, etc?

We went as Lilo & Stitch last year. Nothing elaborate, as we spent all day at MK, but we had a blast!
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We were Segway riders a few years ago..

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