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Costco pricing and POP! vs Allstar Sports.


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We need some help. Our family of four is going back to Disney mid October 2019, we go annually. This time another family of four is tagging along. Right now we have room only reservations for POP! We are hoping the Canadian park ticket discount that ends in September is extended into October for them, as well some room discounts open up.

They have looked at pricing through Costco and want to stay at All Star sports because the price is about $600 cheaper than room and park tickets through Disney and the equavalent flight through non Costco providers. It looks like the room prices between POP and Sports is less than $15 dollars a night, less than $100 a week. We thought resort and ticket pricing for Disney was the same just about everywhere, is the extra $500 savings coming solely from the flights or does Costco get preferred pricing?

Part two, we have stayed at Sports once before, it was during Pop Warner football and cheerleader week which was awful, but even without them I was not real impressed. There is a national Tae kwon do tournament one week and a college fastball showcase the next, which worries me.

Other reasons I would pay more to stay at POP!: Better food court. Queen vs Double beds. Refurbed rooms vs dated 90s rooms. Possible gondola opening? Any others?


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It seems as if you have your answer, but, unless budget was the key factor, I would definitely pay the difference to stay @ Pop!

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Costco is a wholesaler. They buy up large blocks of rooms so that they can discount them. Keep in mind if you book through Costco, if something goes wrong you will not have someone that is going to act as an advocate for you. They don't know anything about Disney if you need help. You are on your own with everything. Once they close, you cannot reach anyone to help you after hours.

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