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Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

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It’s the same territory.

How clean is too clean when it comes to public spaces? I’ve never checked into a hotel and said “this room is too clean!”
When it becomes a significant detraction to my overall experience. In your example, say my hotel room isn’t ready when I check in. Give me a regular cleaning and on-time check in rather than “enhanced” cleaning and sitting in the lobby for an hour.

But again I think you’re deflecting. My original thesis was about theme parks and their operation during the pandemic. I don’t expect or even care much if the seats on Haunted Mansion are wiped down after every single ride-through. I am willing to sit where somewhere else sat without Lysol for five minutes. Sleeping where someone else slept without changing the sheets is an entirely different scenario. I’m not discussing what’s always been. I’m discussing what’s changed due to the pandemic
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Glad Disney has taken measures with masking indoors as the state around them breaks all the wrong records. Do they just shut their eyes and put their fingers in their ears and go la la la real loud lie we did when we were kids not listening to people? Wow.

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Crank it to 11!

Yikes. Stay safe out there, slope is slowing though.


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So Florida is on Track for 2.9M this weekend.
When we take the states numbers and add the CDC friday total, we are at 2,903,205.

2,479,975 Cases to 2,903,205 cases = 423,230 New Cases in 21 Days (July 23rd, 2021 to August 13th, 2021). This means we average now, 141,076.66 A WEEK or a more direct 100,769 and change every 5 days.


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I get it most people are past lockdowns, etc etc, but its insane to me that we are t doing anything else. I agree, vaccinated people shouldn't have to suffer, SHOULDNT being the key word, but PEOPLE ARE DYING.

If children dying doesn't scare people into action, nothing will. It scares me and I don't have children and I'm masking up everywhere we go indoors, even though not required here.

I find any parent who won't wear a mask when required or fights mandates for schools to be masking up disgusting.


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My God.. what has happened to people using common sense for themselves, if an Anti Vaxxer decides what is right for him, then he is "taking the chance" that others may not -- and that's ok, isnt it? If you are someone who is TRULY afraid of getting Covid, and vaccinated, then wear a mask, dont shake hands, keep sanitizer with you, wear gloves, whatever you need to do for yourself...Is amazing to me how those who DO GET VACCINATED, want to cuss and badmouth those who dont want to get vaccinated, for whatever reason.
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