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Coronado Springs Upgrade Question


Original Poster
We are going to be staying in Coronado Springs in mid April and know that when we booked it clearly said construction will be happening due to the ugrade.

What I do know is that it is due for completion later this year and so was wondering if anyone knows how much disruption there is going to be mid April.

I figured the heavy construciton is likely to be done, and the owrk at internal/fitting out stage. Does anyone have any updates? the most recent progress report I can find is from 3-4 months ago.

Mr. Spell

New Member
I stayed over the holidays, in Casitas 2, and we had no issues with the construction. There was definitely plenty of construction going on at the new tower, but for where we were we did not hear a thing. I would imagine by April it would only get better. (and you still get the cool "pardon the construction" pins)


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I stayed there in November and the tower seems nearly done. The restaurant in the center of the Lake may still have construction during your trip but I found that both the tower and the restaurant construction didn't really bother the rest of the resort much except for the fact that the main pool The Dig Site, with the pyramid, was closed. There are smaller pools around the resort though just not the one with the water slide and pool bar. Hopefully it will be back up and running by then though!
Just got back from a beautiful vacation at the Coronado, Casitas 1. Pyramid pool was open, construction on tower was happening but silent and the lake restaurant is coming along. Plus, the most gorgeous yellow flowers in bloom. Very nice bartender at the lakeside bar!
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