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Coronado Springs - Rix Lounge Redo


Original Poster

On the recent trip to Coronado Springs, construction is fast at work at the new 15 story tower set to debut in 2019. However there's one other aspect of Coronado (a fantastic resort overall) that I wanted to try and fix, and see if anyone had some suggestions for it

The Rix Lounge was a bit too adult and 'convention-y' for a family to go in and sit down. While there are a lot of conventions - my thoughts are that especially with more guests coming to the resort, there should be an option that is a bit more family friendly, even if it's a bar. For instance Rose and Crown is a bar in the UK Pavilion, but it's still a restaurant for families.

So over the next weeks I'd like to try and tackle this - since Coronado is a southwest/Mexican inspired resort - something along the lines of Aztecs and ancient themes could be fun to explore, similar to their pool area.

For reference here is what it looks like today

Any thoughts or ideas feel free to post below!