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Coronado Springs - Bus Transportation


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Hi all,

My girlfriend and I are planning a trip to WDW in May, very exciting. We are looking at hotels, and Coronado Springs has made its way onto our list. I am curious, how is the bus transportation here? Is it easy to get to parks or does it take forever for buses to get there? Are there multiple bus drop off locations? I would imagine that would make it more difficult to get on a bus.

And any other general thoughts on Coronado Springs is appreciated. Though, it does look pretty nice.

Mr Ferret 88

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Coronado is a great resort and the bus service was always pretty good every time we stayed there. There are 4 stops around the resort. Our favourite section was Rancho's . Further from the main builing but nice and peacefull.
We have since stayed at Port Orleans and found it to have 1 big advantage over Coronado and that is the water taxi to downtown Disney Springs.
Both are great resorts and you will be at Disney so Win


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Love the CSR bus service, just make sure you are aware of the 4 stops and where they are, and the routes they take. Not all take the same route.

math mathson

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Just stayed at Coronado Dec 13-18. The busses were not bad at all and there are four stops. Stop 2 which is behind the perfered room buildings is the first stop, then stop 3, stop 4 and Stop 1. Stop 1 is infront of the Resort Check in. Resort was nice and the food court has currios for desert.


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Just stayed at Coronado Dec 13-18. The busses were not bad at all and there are four stops. Stop 2 which is behind the perfered room buildings is the first stop, then stop 3, stop 4 and Stop 1. Stop 1 is infront of the Resort Check in. Resort was nice and the food court has currios for desert.
The Disney Springs bus stops at stop 1 first I believe.


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The DS stop is the first one but in the second row. Its a hike after a long day of walking at DS. But the bus service itself is very good at CSR. No sharing with other resorts.


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We would like to stay in the Cabanas but I am worried about being at bus stop 4. Is there ever an issue with not being able to get on a bus because of too many people? Do you usually have to stand if you are at this stop? My husband thinks we should stay in the Casitas because of the bus stop but I really like the look and location of the Cabanas.
Just stayed here 12/16-12/23(Stop #1), bus service was very inconsistent. MK was probably the worst part of the service. Multiple times waited over 30 minutes, once it was 55 minutes and a full bus arrived, only room for the EVC person and their family. 5 minutes later another bus arrived, but this was an hour wait for MK. Epcot, HS, AK, and DS service was good, they usually arrived within the 20 minutes they tell you. It was very rare occurrence to get on bus between 0-15 minutes wait, usually had to wait the full 20 minutes.

I wouldn't let my experience sway you one way or the other, bus service seems to be all about luck. I had very bad luck on this trip, but on others trips never waited more than 10 minutes.


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We stayed in the cabanas 11/27 - 12/3. We never had a time that we could not get on the first bus that arrived. We did have times when the wait was more than 20 minutes.

My wife and I had more or less the same experience staying in the Cabanas back in November 2015 (building 9B with the business lounge!). We had a great time and thought it was really easy to get around. If you are up and out early enough, they typically will run multiple buses (to MK at least). We may have stood once or twice but since it was the last stop before heading off to our destination, we really didn't care. We were just happy to be there. The only hiccup I can remember is that one day, for whatever reason, we had to pick people up at Saratoga Springs which was a little out of the way but it seemed to be a one time deal.

We are going back to WDW this May and the only reason we aren't returning to the Cabanas is because we want to experience one of the other resorts. Otherwise, we'd probably stay there again in a heartbeat.
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It is a moderate with deluxe amenities. The bus system is one of the best on property in my experience. I have never been on a crowded bus at CSR. I am guessing because many of the rooms are filled with people there for conventions. The pool area is one of the best on property and less crowded.

Coaster Lover

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On our trip in 2015 we stayed at CSR. We were in Casitas 4 which, in my opinion, is one of the better options. It's very close to Bus Stop 2 which is the first pick-up spot for buses going to the parks (meaning that the bus is almost always empty when your first heading to the parks in the morning) and is the first drop-off spot for buses coming back from the park (which means less time on the bus between when you leave the park and when you get back to your room). There's a quiet pool right at Casitas 4, but your also not TOO far from the main pool (or the main building for that matter). You are far enough away from the main pool and the main building that you don't get any of the possible noise associated with either. It doesn't share buses with any other resort and (unless you are going right at park closing) the buses are never terribly packed. The sleeping portions of the rooms have been recently remodeled (though we did feel that the bathroom felt quite dated). The food options are mostly forgettable, but the resort overall is quite beautiful. It is close enough to Hollywood Studios that you can hear (and see to some extent) parts of Fantasmic which is fun. You can also see much of Wishes, though I'm sure that's true for many of the resorts if you are just looking in the right direction). The bus ride to Magic Kingdom is a bit long, but not unreasonable. Bus rides to Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios are both quite quick.


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I too love Coronado, and of all the moderates it's my favorite (with POR being a close second). I've stayed in the cabanas and the ranchos, and the cabanas are great! The ranchos are pretty good too, esp. if you want to be near the big pool. We've never had bad bus service there, or certainly not any different than that at other resorts.

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