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When I go to Disney in March, I'm planning on eating at the restaurant. I was just asking, is it any good? And does EVERY table really have a view of the aquarium?



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I've never eaten there before, but it is one of the places that we have down to eat at on our upcoming April trip.

From talk I've seen here on the boards, only certain sections of the restaraunt have the view of the aquarium.

As far as if it is any good, just keep in mind that it is all based on opinion. I've seen lots of negative talk here on the boards about Coral Reef, but I've also seen people here who say they love it. Everyone's tastes are different so many people will think it sucks and many will think it's great. On questions like this, I find it best just to forget about what everyone else thinks and just go see for myself.


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The entire restaurant has views of the aquarium. The restaurant is set up in three long rows, all on stadium style tiers. Every table has a great view of the reef its' self. Many people say the food is so-so but I do enjoy a few of the menu selections. The salmon over israeli cous-cous is great.


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We ate there last week. Every seat has a view of the tank but seats close up are different than those far away. Far away you can see the whole tank but at a distance. Up close you can see only a small area but a great view. We sat in the table on the left side facing the tank right next to it. We lucked out and there is a 61 year old sea turtle that hangs there everyday. Only leaves to go up for air about every 20 minutes. Our waiter said he has worked there for 4 months and the turtle has been there every day. Attached is a shot of the turtle.

As for the food. I had the blackened catfish and it was good. Not the best meal I had down at WDW but I enjoyed it quite a bit.



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We ate there in December and really enjoyed it. As others have said it is by no means the best restaurant on property but the food is very good just the same. I am a sucker for restaurants with a strong theme and unique architecture and The Coral Reef fits the bill on both counts. I just looove the atmosphere there. By all means give it a try,I don't think you will be disappointed.


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We both ordered the steak 2 weeks ago, and it was fabulous. The appetizer did nothing for me, reminded me of cat food, unfortunately I cannot remember the name, it was in the shape of cat food too that just came out of the can! Yuck. Dessert was good too, chocolate lava cake. We found it to be loud that particular night, but excellent views of the aquarium.


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All seats offer great views of the tank. Row 1 are ther tables right up against the tank and offer the best views IMO. If you have kids ask for a table by the window. The wait might be longer but there is a decent chance a diver might come by. I have had them do all kinds of things such as rub their stomachs like the food was good and much more. Row 2 and 3 are booths. I enjoyed the food.


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I haven't eaten there since they changed the menu, but their lobster bisque is amazing. The Salmon before the menu change was very good as well, I would assume that the quality hasn't really dropped off.

What I used to do was go for lunch and they had a 3 course menu for like 18 bucks....sure enough they don't do that anymore. :(

Me and my old roommate used to go at least every other trip, and we always got a server by the name of James, and he always knew what we wanted. Kinda cool to have a server who asks if you want the usual. Not sure if he still works there, but he goes by both James and Jim, so I would suggest trying to get him since he's best server I have ever had. But like I said, I have no idea if he still works there.

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Don't you have to wonder where they get their seafood ? :confused:

Interesting fact: the same fish you are fed at the Coral Reef is also fed to the Dolphins and other fish in the marine environment. It comes on one truck. The fish get it first, then the restraunt.

I can assure you this is a good thing! lol

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