Coping with Disney Depression


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Im in the same boat...I have spring fever and WDW fever! I've looked at pictures and videos of past trips. I go on here and other disney websites and just count the days till I return to WDW.

**The best thing to do is get your mind off of it...I haven't really tried that yet.


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I find the family and I share stories or memories about our past trips on a pretty frequent basis, which was funny to me because I thought I was the only one who caught "the Disney bug" after that first trip in 2005 (glad to see I wasn't). So we'll all sit down and watch Disney videos or movies or TV shows together or look at pictures from past trips on each other's computers every now and then, or just talk about what we miss most and what we can't wait to see or do next trip and so on.

I used to come to this site at least twice a day for years to get my fix between trips, but I suddenly stopped after our last trip last March. I think what it was, was that we usually planned our next trip shortly after returning from the most recent one. We returned from the last one and it seemed like that was going to be it for a while for us and Disney. The son just didn't seem like he was into it as much anymore and the daughter was getting older and that, not to mention we had run into some financial problems and stuff like that. So I went like 6 months without even visiting this site once. Considering I was visiting twice a day for probably an hour or more each day - HUGE drop off! Then, I got on a couple of times in November again and read some really good trip reports and that and it started to ignite that WDW flame inside of me again. But sadly, I knew we wouldn't be heading down to WDW any time here in the near future still. :cry:

Fast forward to this weekend...was REALLY feeling the Disney depression lately, that time of year where everything outside is blah and thanks to watching the Disney Christmas Parade a couple of weeks ago, so decided to pop in here and see what was going on with my favourite forum and site. ;) Found myself sharing some of the pictures and news items about park happenings with my wife and before I knew it, we both were like, we have to get back to WDW sooner rather than later! So we sat down today and discussed it and decided that we MAY just be able to make a 2014 trip work after all. That gives us plenty of time to save up and make plans and gives us something to look forward to as a family on those days when we are feeling over worked or stressed out or just plain BLAH!!!


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Disney Depression hits me hard at various times throughout the year. We go every February, so of course it's especially hard when we get back because I honestly never want to leave! I love my life and my home, but I could live in the Magic Kingdom and be happy :lol:

I love to look at pictures, watch ride videos on youtube. There is one in particular called "A Model Day At The Magic Kingdom" or something like that, it's fantastic. Takes you through a whole day, from morning till night.

But truly the only thing we can do to get through the depression is to book another trip, and know that it's coming. Otherwise, I'd feel pretty hopeless! :cry:

Sometimes the feeling can be quite overwhelming to me, whether it's in a sad or happy way. It's sad when there is no trip booked, and happy when the date is approaching. :ROFLOL: But really, sometimes my mind is just blown by certain scents, or the way the sky looks, or walking into a restaurant.. I don't know what it is, but it takes me back to a moment in time at Disney World and I'm just overwhelmed with flashbacks. I'm crazy, probably.


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By the way, a great big THANK YOU to those who mentioned Live365!!! I never knew it existed. I'm listening to the Mouse World Radio station right now, it's playing the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Music and I'm totally there!!!! Awesome!!! :sohappy: Is there a certain station in particular that you find is better than others?


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I try to keep up to date with the latest construction news and pics, so I can see what'll be waiting for me when I go back! Probably that'll be 2013!


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It is very nice to hear that I and my family are not the only ones suffering from this "affliction". It has really hit me hard this time due to the fact I had planned our trip for two years, and we did miss out on many things on this this will be focused on our next trip, hopefully in 2014. We watch Disney movies, listen to D-Tunes or the Disney music that I have collected on the I-Tunes....but mainly just to talk to others on this site! The other day walking into work, a city bus is passing by, I am on the phone with my with, I asked her to wait just a moment, then I said to her, just making sure that that bus is not headed towards the Magic Kingdom....she just laughed at me...


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As soon as we've returned from our WDW vacation, and even before we return, I'm already busy planning the next year's trip. I listen to a lot of Disney music on my car stereo.

"An Adventurer's life is best!" :lol:

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