Conveyor installation and earth moving


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and so it begins

More when I get home to a real keyboard.


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Here's where it's being placed.

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 7.26.39 PM.png

Here's the plan that we saw earlier this year on it


From this thread:

Now what is this for? Well good question. Basically what disney is doing is they are building an enormous retention pond on the west side of World Drive and they are using the material they are digging up from that hole as fill on the East side of the road. The fill will be going in quite a few areas but quite a bit of it will be used for the interchange projects as well as the regrading of the expanded and reconfigured DHS parking area. Currently on the west side of the road there is a 3 story high pile of dirt several football fields in size (hidden behind the trees) and they have barely started digging the retention pond. All of this dirt that's piled up so far is from several other projects from what I can tell.


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Photo update as of Tuesday, October 11. Some additional photos to go with the original poster @roj2323. The conveyor over north-bound World Drive will be installed early tomorrow morning, October 12. The road will be open to traffic by 5 a.m.

UPDATE: The conveyor section across the main entrance road to Hollywood Studios was to be installed early this morning, Saturday, October 15. Other sections can be installed now without stopping road traffic.


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It will be staying go away green as it has fresh paint on it. As for it being used as a billboard, I highly doubt it as it will not be there for more than a year I'd think.

Maybe when the project is done they will keep it around as a start of a new transportation project. No more buses, just hop on a conveyor belt to get to where you need to go!! ;)

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