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From VNR-tv (PR firm)...

Includes some info on a Disney dream job survey, but also hints around at an upcoming contest to do your dream job for a day.

More U.S. Workers Would Rather Have a Fun Job than a High-Paying One

New Survey from Talks about Dream Jobs

According to a new survey released by and Disney Parks, four out of five U.S. workers report they are still searching for their dream jobs. And what makes a dream-job-come-true? Almost 40-percent of the 6000 workers surveyed say having fun at work is the most important attribute for a dream job. Only 12-percent said salary is most important.

A majority of those surveyed say it would be fun to work at a Disney Park, and job seekers at now have a chance to win a Disney Dream Job, an honorary one-day position to try out the fun jobs they dreamed of having as children. The survey shows that as kids, men dreamed more of being cowboys or boat skippers than we did of being even president. Little girls would rather be a princess or a dancer, and we keep those dreams alive inside us, even as we become responsible parents with grown-up jobs.

The most popular honorary Disney Parks job for men is "Jungle Cruise Skipper" at 47-percent, with "Pirate" close behind at 26-percent. For women, the most popular Disney Dream Job is far and away "Princess-in-waiting" with 33-percent of those surveyed saying they'd like to have that job for a day. Haunted Mansion Maid was women's second choice at 20-percent.

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Mine would definitely be the Jungle Cruie Skipper....I can definitely recite the whole spiel, and one skipper even gave me the opportunity to "give the tour" myself as I rode it with just my sisters and other family at nearly 3 in the morn during was great...I got a recommendation card to present to the casting card by another skipper...Im still debating on whether or not to take the possible position as a skipper since I go to college in Orlando....I just feel that getting the job may cause "the magic to be lost", and also negate my Annual Pass that I purchased in August...just thought Id share...


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I have got my dream career at WDW it would be Vice President Merchandise/Product Developement. Since I dont see that happening soon ill settle for working at Haunted Mansion.I always thought id look soooo cute int the Green butler uniforms-lol:rolleyes:


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My top 3 are

3. JC Skipper
2. Sing with VoL or Vybe
1. Wander around DACS with permission to push all the buttons at will :drevil:


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Full Time Disney groupie for Mulch, Sweat & Shears or Off Kilter!!!! Now what is a Disney groupie you ask?? It is the same as a regular groupie but minus all the not so wholesome stuff!!!! Belle


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I'd love to work in the costuming department or as the host of the animation academy.

Keep us informed of when this contest actually comes to be!


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I was just thinking about this the other day. The two jobs at the top of my list are a JC Skipper or, well this may sound weird, but one of the guys on the back of the tram. Either way, you get to crack jokes with and on guests at somepoint.


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Mine would have to be working in the Kennel with all the vacationing dogs and cats. You know their just as excited to be at WDW as their owners. And how many family pets get to go home and brag to all the neighborhood animals where they spent their summer vaction?


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President of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Worldwide - One day is all I need to bury the Year of a Million Dreams and that idiot Rasulo.


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My disney dream job? A HM Maid. That is my fave attraction and when I get the money to move down there (yes i know it's a lot), I'm going to audition for it.

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