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News Contemporary Refurbishment--April to Sept 2021


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It looks a little like a prison cell or the location where brainwashing occurs in a dystopian future featuring an all-knowing world government. I wonder if the closets come with pre-fitted shiny jumpsuits instead of bathrobes.


LOL, what a coincidence. My dad used to call The Contemporary Resort "The Prison". That's before he saw that they have hot towels in the restrooms though.


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I’m actually surprised they didn’t move the wave to one of the ballrooms during this or even to California Grill for breakfast service. It’s interesting that they’re ok with not having a standard table service at the resort for so long.

They could definitely use a second bar somewhere too, just not sure where as they’re also moving the lobby to level 2 for renos
CA Grill will be adding breakfast beginning 7/18 while the Wave is down.


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In the Parks

Funny how no one brings up its obvious similarities to the City of Domes from Logans Run and its constant mantra of Renew!


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That will be nice, I haven't been up there for a breakfast/brunch in years.

While not totally Contemporary related. I can confirm that Bob and Bob C are dining at the Cali Grill right now in the Napa Room.

For anyone like me that had no idea what the Napa Room was, you can click here.

I really hope the Bobs got a "best day ever!" cookie at the end of their meal.

What percentage tip do you think the CEO of the company would leave to his own employee?


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As someone who loves the art of the Incredibles, I don’t find the mid century modern type design all that bad of a fit. I personally kind of like it.


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Steakhouse….casual…hm those two words don’t normally go together
True. I believe The Wave was considered to be a fairly casual restaurant so they probably didn't want to change the overall category this new theme will fit in to. Also they probably didn't want to steal any high end light from Cali Grill


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I hope they keep some form of variety of dishes at Steakhouse 71. There are already so many steakhouses across property that The Wave was a nice alternative that offered some different options!

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