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Construction at Grand Floridian


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Hi. I am planning a trip for mid August and think about staying at the Grand Floridian. We are currently booked to stay at old key west but we are contemplating switching over to the Gf. Does anyone know, will the construction at the resort be finished or mostly finished by that time ? . Friends of ours went a few weeks ago and said the noise and construction was pretty invasive . Thanks for any advice


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The construction on Big Pine Key for the DVC units will be complete, but at some point over the summer they will begin refurbishment of the other buildings. Rumours have pointed to Boca Chica being the next one as permits have been filed.

Specific times I’m not sure, though. Someone else might be able to give more info! Hope this helps.


This is what it currently looks like, but should be done by August.


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