Connections Cafe and Eatery


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I get the opposite feeling...but everyone can like what they like. Personal preference for sure.
Same. Many aspects of Epcot's entrance reminded me of our local Burger King before the remodel, quite dated and I don't miss it.
I do love how the area looked before they changed it to the 90's aesthetic though, when it had a lot more water features alongside the buildings.
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It does seem huge! This wasn't all Electric Umbrella before was it? Is this the same amount of space as before?
No; most of that building was previously taken up by Innoventions East.

EU is part of the Journey of Dirt now.
Maybe you're thinking of Fountain View (aka Starbucks). Electric Umbrella was in the building now occupied by Connections Cafe and/or Eatery. They trimmed a little off of the facade, but the bulk of the building where EU was is still there.


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Some interesting seating options!


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