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Confirmed retail store lineup for Disney Springs


Wake me up when its over
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We have an Art of Shaving at our local mall. Specialize in non commercial shaving supplies. Safety razor, cream, oil, and balm will run you in the neighborhood of $400 for a roughly six month supply. Good stuff but expensive.


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I always hear good things about BabyCakes. I think there's probably a demand there for it. I'd probably try it out and I might check out Sound Lion but none of the stores would ever have me really go out of my way.

It's nice to have a confirmed list. I like Sanuk but do we need two flip-flop shoe stores? And another Sunglass Hut?

But they aren't designing it for me so clearly they think there's a demand for these stores, I guess.


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Absolutely ridiculous! $3.95 for a cupcake? Did they not watch Obama talk about raising taxes? No money leftover for overpriced items of any kind!


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What are you doing out here? How did you escape from the PML? Don't you know it's dangerous out here?


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With all you guys out here who is minding the store? Someone leave the door open. You might catch measles out here....ohhhh that's right that was Disneyland. I thought Pi.....( inside joke) was keeping you guys in line.... must be slipping.


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I'm curious to see what the demand for a gluten free, vegan bakery will be.

Gluten free is still in pretty high demand. Weren't some of the restaurants recently testing actual GF menus?

It's nice to have a confirmed list. I like Sanuk but do we need two flip-flop shoe stores? And another Sunglass Hut?

Sanuk is fairly different than Havaianas. Sanuk is more about taking that cushey foam flip flop base people love and integrating it into types of foot wear while still offering some flip flops. Havaianas on the other hand is a quasi trendy plasticly flip flop, that originated in Brazil. (See what WDW did here?) And they actually have a few Disney inspired designs, so it's not totally unheard of.

In addition, they have postings for Sales Associates on craiglist -> https://orlando.craigslist.org/ret/4857541765.html so definitely planning on opening soon.

MKCP 1985

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BabyCakes seemed to do well when it was hidden inside Pollo Campero, so I think it will do well as a standalone. It built up quite a following.
The ladies in my family were quite upset when BabyCakes closed, so this is welcome news. It isn't everywhere a person with a gluten allergy and a dairy allergy can get a delicious cupcake. We used to make a special stop at the BabyCakes store for a half dozen on each trip. :)

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